When PopCap Jumped the Shark

heavy sigh

heavy sigh

Yeah, yeah, it’s a dev hack to get around the bizarre inability for iOS apps to figure out if the given device can run it. And the actual shark-jumping likely happened two years ago. But, still, it’s like… really? I’m not mad, just depressed about the first signs of the somewhat arbitrary obsolescence of my iPod touch. PvZ2 is not necessary by any means, but it’s still clear that winter is coming.

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  1. On a semi-related topic, I loved PvZ 1 and am super pissed that I waited years for a sequel only to be snubbed on the Windows and Android platform. Yeah, I know it’ll be released for PC/Android eventually. But I don’t like seeing everyone else enjoying it while I’m left out in the rain. /childish-rant

  2. its awesome.