A Glitch Review in 1,500 Words or Less

About sums it up.

To be fair, I never had any intention of being fair to Glitch; kind of like hosting a Colorblind Coloring Contest, I just wanted to see what would happen.

I played for about 30-40 minutes, making butterfly cheese and running away from other players trying to interact with me. Then I decided I would give Glitch the benefit of a doubt and take the gameplay more seriously. It was at that moment that I futilely tried to remember where the tutorial told me I could go to purchase a bigger bag, failed to find any quest history related to it, didn’t see any bag-related posts on the help forum, and then gave up.

As I deleted the three email notifications that I had leveled up a skill in-game (in case I forgot, I suppose), I realized that it was probably better for the both of us.

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  1. I played it a bit longer recently, and to me it seems like A Tale in the Desert 2D. Just less grindy… not that it’s not grindy, it is. But ATID was alot MORE grindy than this when i tried it for some tasks – 500 grass, one per pop, completely free inventory required, ugh…

    And it’s surprisingly bug-free and user-friendly, though some of user-friendly features are completely not obvious and never explicitly pointed out.


    • The problem I had was that the one goal I did make for myself (getting a bigger bag), had no easily discernible method of completion. This is a problem I have with sandboxes generally. Minecraft deftly bypasses the roadblock because you have to make some sort of dwelling on Day 1, else get eaten by zombies.

      Maybe I’ll look it up and give it another go at some future point. I have no problem with the collecting of random items or maintaining energy or any of that. In fact, I was supremely sad I could not start planting seeds right away.


      • There is Live Help (staff mostly) and Global Chat (players mostly) links on friends/groups pull-out panel, which are perfect for questions like that. Response speed of either is pretty good.


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