While scouring the Hearthstone forums for signs of blue activity, I came across some drunk fireman streaming his Rogue deck in Arena. He went 5-3. And then I realized that I was watching a video of some random guy playing Hearthstone instead of, you know, playing Hearthstone myself. For almost two hours. In the prime of my nightly game playing time. And now I’m blogging about it.

A clear sign one's dosage needs increased.

What indeed.

In other news, I went ahead and created a Hearthstone category for my posts, because goddamn.

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  1. I’m not into the streaming scene for the same reason. Why would I want to watch someone else play when I could just play. Even before I got into the beta I didn’t watch anything because it was “spoiling” the newness of the game before I could explore the interface for myself.


  2. I keep seeing people advertising their Hearthstone streams on Twitter and all I can think is “Why??” Watching a stream of someone else playing a card game sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    People stream all kinds of strange stuff – like WoW LFR. I don’t get it – the streamers or the viewers.


    • Yeah, I’m all for watching videos of some amazing play or strategic move, but straight-up streaming? That’s a 1:1 time-loss that made me feel like I would have been better off taking a nap. It’s especially bad in Hearthstone, because once the game starts, the “right move” is often the only real move you can make. Things get real interesting when you have to choose between which two creatures to play or whether to swing for the face, but most turns it’s straight-forward.


  3. Now you just need to tweet about the blog post!


  4. This is why I listen to audio podcasts but won’t watch videocasts made by the same people. One of these things can be done in the car and walking the dog and other places where it does not compete with actually playing.


  5. Um, the obvious answer here is two monitors! Unless it’s a game that I really super have to concentrate on or I’m hanging out with friends on Mumble at the same time, I’m almost always playing something on one screen and watching Twitch or YouTube on the other.

    Honestly, for me at this point just doing one or the other just seems like a waste of my time.


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