Level 81 Crafted Weapons

I was having some early success selling the Blacksmithing weapons I made via leveling the profession, and it was not until I finally started leveling my main (the gatherer is nearly 83 from herbing/mining alone) that I realized why: they are amazing! I am a Protection paladin primarily, so the best weapon I had in Wrath for Retribution was a 251 sword off Marrowgar. While there was an early ~15 dps quest upgrade in Hyjal, the Obsidium Executioner was mind-boggling 150 weapon-DPS upgrade the moment I hit level 81. I found the same sort of massive upgrades with my other alts:

Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore vs Obsidium Executioner
H Midnight Sun vs Lifeforce Hammer
Sister Svalna’s Aether Staff vs Fire-Etched Dagger (+480 spellpower going from 2H –> 1H!)

The three weapons you should focus on are the ones listed above: Obsidian Executioner, the Lifegiver’s Gavel, and the Flame-Etched Blade. You can eyeball the materials in the table below:

Obsidium Ore Elementium Ore Volatile
Obsidium Executioner 40 20 6 (Earth)
Lifeforce Hammer 16 24 10 (Earth), 6 (Water)
Fire-Etched Blade n/a 40 12 (Earth), 4 (Fire)

Even in current ore/volatile markets, chances are good you can craft these weapons with ~650g in mats and turn around and sell them for 2000g. Even if you have to peddle them at 1,000g apiece you would be snagging a significant profit margin. As a bonus, each one of these will also boost your Blacksmithing by 5 levels the first few times, so even if you just make one or two you will recoup your costs and then some.


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