Below you can find any additional projects I have been working on.


After the End

A post-apoc psychological survival FPS game concept that is Fallout 3 meets Silent Hill. Work in progress.

Hearthstone Arena Strategies

New to CCGs or looking for that extra edge in Hearthstone’s Arena? If so, then this guide is for you!

Quick & Dirty Guide to Dead Island

Zombie apocalypse got you down? Get a leg up with this Q&D Guide. General advice, Skill Tree strategies, Advanced Tactics, and more, all written in a way I wish I had available before I stepped onto Banoi.

Quick & Dirty Guide to Fallout 4

Regular apocalypse got you down? Take a Rad-X with these hot tips regarding character creation, Perk selection, and a host of other non-spoilery advice.

Quick & Dirty Guide to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Whether you are brand new to ME3’s multiplayer or have played it for a bit and are looking for additional pointers, this Q&D Guide is for you. General advice, Reinforcement Pack buying strategies, weapon comparisons, and notable Power/Tech combos, all written in a way I wish I had available when I started playing the game.