The Million Gold Question

What would I do with 1 million gold?

The same thing anyone else would do: nothing different.

If you have been using Auditor for any length of time, there is feature of it that is useless 99% of the time, but this happens to fall under the 1%: total audit. The release of 4.0 broke most of my addons beyond repair, so this is only since Cataclysm was released:

I broke the 400k mark for the first time a few days ago, but nearly 2 million gold has whipped through my bags in the last five months. Does that not count? Why do I say “I’ve broken the 400k mark for the first time?” And for that matter, what exactly is the value of the 400k when, by definition, for me to have 400k means that 400k of whatever net worth I actually own is languishing in my bags, getting no return?

Gold is primarily a way to keep score, for gold bloggers and many non-bloggers. If my gold total goes up from day-to-day, that means I’m Charlie Sheen winning. Except that really does not make any sense. If I was serious about reaching a cap or maximizing my potential, I would not have 400k in my bags, I would have 400k worth of items in play on the AH. At the same time, WoW is a game to me, the AH is a game within a game Inception-style, and juggling 400k worth of items on a daily basis is just too much.

Thus I am skeptical of when bloggers like Mageshadow say:

I’m almost at 600k, what would I do with my million gold? Trading Card Game mounts for one, I’ve had my eye on a swift spectral tiger for a while, and a mottled drake & a riding turtle wouldn’t hurt. I’d also probably buy a couple achievements/mounts that are obtained through raiding, mainly Invincible and Mimiron’s head. I’d also probably hand out some gifts to my friends, mainly choppers and sandstone drakes.

None of those things require 600k to purchase, so why wait? One million is a number. And actually, it is a pretty arbitrary number when you have already “handled” 1.8 million. If I had one million liquid gold I would get the Warcraft Econ interview and… nothing else. Maybe it does become easier in some peoples’ minds to spend the gold when they have finally achieved their “goal,” but I doubt that ever ends up being the case. Most people who make this much gold have made it because A) they have a hard time spending gold, and/or B) they are addicted to getting an ever-increasing high score. Spending 100k on a Spectral Tiger is indistinguishable from losing 100k on bad Glyph bet (or whatever) to such people. I especially think it’s funny buying mounts when you can only use one mount at a time – you cannot ride Invincible, Mimiron’s Head, the Riding Turtle, Sandstone Drake, and the Spectral Tiger at the same time.

Then again, maybe I’m just crazy.

P.S. Regarding those two epic weapons I got off Trade for 11k apiece…

P.P.S. I am still fairly confident that BoE epics will retain their value despite ZA/ZG coming out, simply because of the 346 ilevel requirement to zone in. The only sales you should be losing would be to the budget raiders who believe the 353 is good enough for them (and are willing to farm heroics), as compared to the 359 BoE. Odds are good that budget raiders weren’t buying many epic BoEs anyway.

P.P.P.S. If ZA/ZG is faceroll out of the gate though, all bets are off.


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  1. I think everyone lands on a continuum somewhere between going after gold as a goal in its own way (just like a guild going for 13/13, etc.) compared to going after gold so that you have enough financial freedom to pretty much do whatever you want without impoverishing yourself.

    1 million gold is a pretty arbitrary goal, but most goals are. Mageshadow's shopping list quoted above would probably cost quite close to that actually, if not more. Personally, my goal is to always be able to buy the best BoEs for each patch, and have fun going for the gold cap when I'm not raiding.

    A good perspective check never hurt anyone though. Nice post.


  2. Haha. Can't…stop…making…gold!

    I had planned to stop once I reach the one million mark, too. But now that I think about it, I can't seem to stop really.

    I'm very able to buy anything even now, but still it's FUN when I collect my mail and there's plenty of money in it.


  3. 250k, 500k, maybe at 1MM–doesn't seem to matter for me because when I get to that next milestone I just have a hard time going backwards.

    I'm around 525k right now and am thinking of buying a Chopper but can't seem to imagine seeing that 'score' go down below 500k again.

    It is a mindset. Once a player gets to that way of thinking the total gold doesn't matter as much as the process. Am I growing my gold?
    Am I spending frivolously (sp)? Am I making a bad bet?

    Habits are hard to change.


  4. For me, I think there is a certain level of prestige attached to the word “millionaire”. It's pretty cool in RL, and it's pretty cool in WoW. Beyond a million, I don't see much point in setting any more goals, as long as I stay above the million, I'll be happy.

    BTW, I've stopping using “spending” addons, or checking my statistics page for this very reason – the amount of gold I've spent is probably frustratingly high, I'd rather not know about it.


  5. I've always used milestone numbers to reward myself with something ingame. Broke 100k and bought a mammoth, hit 214k and got a chopper and pet collection, etc. It's the carrot on the stick that keeps yougoing when you're on the verge of boredom from milling.

    As for buying multiple high-end mounts, its no different than many real life rich guys with their multiple cars and multiple girlfriends. I mean you can still only drive one car at a time, you can still only sleep with one gf at…a….hmmmm….Ok, lets forget that one.


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