So, In A Nutshell

From what I played over the weekend, Star Wars: The Old Republic is probably worth the $60.

This is not to say there were no pressing issues afoot. Light/Dark side issues aside, some of the game mechanics feel they came out of a time capsule buried when Gary Gygax was still alive. Talent trees? How quaint. But seriously, there was another matter which was important enough to submit proper beta feedback about:

For serious.

I am not sure who was the first game designer who thought it would be fun to present players with the dilemma of stopping mid-quest/dungeon to trek all the way back to their trainer to get Rank 3 of Explosive Shell for it’s increased damage, or simply Troopering (*rimshot*) on without it, but they deserve a Rank VII Punch to the face. If there was some kind of RP scene showing you how to get a little more juice out of your grenade shots or whatever, I could understand and appreciate that. But if I can level up in the field and magically grow stronger and tougher to kill from one moment to the next, I should be able to get that +10-20 damage in those same moments. Even Gygax let our Fireballs deal 8d6 damage when we went from 7th to 8th level!

Also, this isn’t a complaint per se, but if you roll a female anything, hope you like butts.

The Ass-Cam of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Mind the gap.

The SWTOR Ass Cam© is not over-utilized, but is something I don’t remember during my Jedi “Why so serious” Knight playthrough.

Trapeeze accident, thanks for asking.

Finally, Bieber done grew up on Korriban:

Lucas::Jar-Jar as Bioware::???

That about sums up my Star Wars shenanigans. I won’t see anyone at release, but definitely at the first price drop and/or after we see how the endgame shakes out and/or after we learn by what voodoo magicks Bioware plans to use in rolling out timely content patches. Even a phoned-in Molten Front daily hub would likely be over three hours of voiced work for 8 different classes.

I do wish SWTOR the best of luck. The better they do, the more likely Blizzard gets off their lazy “$1 billion in cash we don’t know what to do with” asses, and the more gamers win.

P.S. I hope there is an achievement for getting to level 50 with zero Social Points.

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  1. They need to link their social point thing to some kind of Facebook app!

    It would allow them to claim “to have boldly gone where even Blizzard didn’t dare to”….


  2. Azuriel,

    Really enjoyed your SWTOR posts; so much so that I’m even considering paying the $60 for you to keep us entertained.

    But probably not.


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