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Diablo Annual Pass Challenge


I never ended up pulling the trigger on the Annual Pass, and the RMAH fees Blizzard settled on are completely ridiculous, but hey. Give it the old college try, and let’s see what happens.

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  1. The cash-out fees versus Blizzard balance throws a bit of a wrench into this process. On the one hand, using RMAH to buy a WoW expansion I would have bought anyway is dollars not spent. On the other hand, this approach is sort of a win/win for Blizzard – the buyer gives them money and they don’t even need to give the seller cash back.

    The bigger issue for me is the Authenticator requirement. I view the odds of being unable to play due to lost/broken/not present authenticator much higher than the odds of account compromise. I’m not sure I’m willing to make this trade just to save some cash on future Blizzard purchases.


    • I would have said the same thing, especially considering my Authenticator was on my cell phone, until about two years ago. I was keylogged halfway through Icecrown progression, characters stripped, 200k+ gold taken, and since I was also the GM of Invictus, the guild bank was taken in its entirety and then the guild was disbanded. It took Blizzard nine (9) days to restore my account. Nine. Days.

      Mine was a special circumstance – the average player probably isn’t losing that much – but I’d say that very fact that real dollars can be involved now (since the keylogger can probably grab your D3 passwords), it’s for the best to require Authenticators.

      If you write down your Authenticator serial number in several locations, you can always either call Blizzard or (I believe) disable the Authenticator online pretty easily.


      • In Blizzard games you only need to use your authenticator once a week to log in, not every time. My Battle.net authenticator never got broken aside from my own stupidity (e.g. reinstalled OS). The SWTOR authenticator is a different story. It completely stopped working, only showing an error message. I phoned BioWare and they removed it, I reinstalled it, and it works now but I lost my trust in it.

        To remove Authenticator you need to contact Blizzard. In my case I had to send a photocopy of a valid passport (back then mine expired year ago, and was no problem). In SWTOR all I had to do was answer 2 “secret” questions.

        Nowadays Blizzard are quick with character and item restoration because it is all automated, and hacked customer reports get priority over “Bob” who complains about not getting the loot he deserved in LFR.


  2. maryteresadamata

    So far – it’s been a banner launch for D3. Almost 24 hours in – and I’ve logged about 45 minutes played due to down servers, etc. Having the game at launch was not necessarily worth the annual pass….but then again – we all know what I was really after was the mount. :)


    • Yeah, I was confused for a seoncd because (and I have no idea where I got this idea) when I first heard about this I thought it was a USB device. Like, you had to have it plugged in to log-in. I’ve used programs like this before, so it wouldn’t be new to me. But since it’s just a code, it’s actually very flexible. It actually wouldn’t interfere at all if you wanted to let a friend log in or something, as long as you could call them and give them the code as they logged in.


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