More Like a Common Drop, Am I Right?

My very first Rare drop in Act 1 – Inferno:

Now, where did I put my robes?

I would write more of my Inferno experiences, but the power was knocked out for ~5 hours or so up here in Ohio. Once the lights came back up, I managed to play enough to get just past the point where you meet Cain. There was only one “real” elite pack on the way – Health Link, Mortar, Reflects Damage, Fire Chains – and they fell relatively quickly to my Noob Wind (working title) spec. Obviously it is Act 1, obviously that combination isn’t anything, and obviously (?) I spent 300k gold upgrading my gear before I started out.

But, hey, endgame! Who would have thought it? Certainly not I.

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  1. Ohio, huh? Sounds like you got lucky w/ a 5 hour loss. Mine was down for ~12, and I know a lot of folks that are still down.

    Congrats on hitting Inferno though, may the brick wall be far off and may you never see invulnerable minions.


  2. Act 2 inferno finally made me quit my Demon Hunter. I might come back to it and try to figure something out later, but for now I’m done with that nonsense.


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