Definition: Insanity

With great reluctance and a heavy sense of resignation, I took GreenManGaming up on their 22% off coupon for Wildstar. Day One purchases are for chumps, and that goes doubly so for MMO releases, but… well, if all your friends are jumping off bridges, you might as well join them. Attempting to apply that game code resulted in this:

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

Repeated attempts eventually got through but we’ll see how it all goes down this weekend. Will my friends stick around in this game (not likely)? Will I find an agreeable method to fund my subscription entirely through in-game gold (possibly)? Will there be many, exhaustive posts detailing everything I find wrong with the game (indubitably)?

Still, this is what you guys pay me to do, so I will trooper on.

Also: Press™.

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  1. mountainash13

    Carbine is currently in what they call “Ops Week” leading up to head start this Saturday. The game servers as well as account management pages are being brought up and down to test disaster recovery, load balancing, etc. The error page you saw was most likely a planned outage.

    Other than the name reservation fiasco, I’ve actually been fairly impressed. The real test, like you mention, will be this weekend. We’ll see if all this prep work actually translates into a smooth launch.


  2. Coppertopper

    Bookmarked this page for future reading pleasure = )


  3. Looking forward to reading about what’s wrong with the game. Personally, I like the toe-to-toe style of past MMOs. Moving all over the place gets on my nerves and has kept me disinterested in Wildstar.


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