Yearly Attempt: FF14

I have resubbed to FF14.

It took a curiously long amount of time to figure out where to download the launcher for the game. In fact, had it not been the fact that I was socially committed to trying the game again, I might have just stopped right there. I understand that things might be confusing if random people were presented with a 25GB download link right off the Square Enix page and then prevented from opening it because they didn’t technically buy the game.

But seriously? I shouldn’t have to Google how to download your MMO.

Once I downloaded the launcher, reinstalled, and resubbed, I logged into my original character from a year ago just to test the waters again. And boy ole boy, do I get what the Blizzard devs have talked about before vis-a-vis not wanting to confuse returning players. Coming back to WoW is an intimately familiar experience. Granted, it is probably moreso because I had been playing that for almost a decade now.

Coming back to FF14 after having played for a month a year ago is a whole other story. Can I teleport around town at will, or do I need to need to be near one of the Aethershards? Where the hell are the mailboxes? What was I doing again? Why can’t I see the armor I have in stock?

When I left off, my character was a level 25 Arcanist/level 13 Thaumaturge on Hyperion. Meanwhile, my friend is on Cactuar. Do I pay the transfer fee? It seems to be a bit silly given the low levels, but it is difficult to tell the value of “skipping” as much of the painfully boring FF14 early game as possible. On the other hand, I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground either, so maybe another go-around in the level 1-40 tutorial was in order.

This time around, I learned my lesson and rolled a melee character (Pugilist). Thus far… things are okay. Level 1: Press 1. Level 2: Press 1, then 2. Level 6, Press 1, then 2, then 3. I am eagerly awaiting level 10 when I actually get a reactionary button (triggers after I dodge), and then level 15 when I get a melee DoT to weave in. It may sound boring – and it absolutely is – but it is worlds better than casting Ruin a million times.

I am not 100% convinced I’ll settle on the Pugilist/Monk path. I managed to find a guide or two regarding endgame rotations, and the Monk seemed to be heading in the Feral druid direction of All the Things. Ninja just sound bizarre. The Dragoon looks fine, as does the Bard to an extent. Considering my newly rolled toon is just level 8, I have quite a ways to go.

Overall, things are fine for now. I am not buying Heavensward, as A) I doubt that I make it to the vanilla endgame before the end of this month, and B) it is included for free in the Stormblood expansion. I do not anticipate playing FF14 for even as long as I played Guild Wars 2, but I do plan on completing the main story quest and seeing what all the plot fuss is about. Assuming there is any.

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  1. “I do not anticipate playing FF14 for even as long as I played Guild Wars 2, but I do plan on completing the main story quest and seeing what all the plot fuss is about.”

    This might be a contradiction in terms. Took me what felt like ages, anyway.


  2. “heading in the Feral druid direction of All the Things.” LOL

    Is this to be considered a positive or a negative assessment? :)


    • I’m good with watching debuffs, or procs, or self-buffs, or cooldowns. Watching them all simultaneously just to maintain normal DPS? Maybe not so much.


  3. Yeah you should try dragoon. It’s literally 2 buttons until… level 30 or so? All the other buttons don’t matter in a dungeon. Enjoy!

    (The lvl 60 opener is a 40-something button long sequence though).

    Also, when you get to level 17, go to the Gridania inn and unlock Palace of the Dead. It’s a dungeon where you always start from level 1 but level extremely fast. At the end you get to keep some of the xp you gained, enough that it’s the preferred method to level alt classes these days. I wouldn’t recommend it exclusively to level your main class, since you need to do the main story to unlock a lot of stuff, but it lets you see what the different classes are like at high levels.


    • I have heard a lot about that place, insofar as people talking about leveling the new classes coming in the next expansion. Sounds like an interesting mechanic, but we’ll see.


  4. Having made it to around the mid-30s first time around I dispute that the early game is “painfully boring”. It is nowhere near as painfully boring as what was, at that time, the mid-game, I can tell you that much!

    I’m currently enjoying playing the endless free trial and rejoicing that it caps at 35. I certainly wouldn’t pay money to play and that’s about ten levels farther than I wished I’d gone last time.


    • Why did you find the mid-game more boring? Isn’t it the same, just with more buttons to press?

      The level 35 cap for the trial is news to me. That’s high enough to unlock jobs and some of the more interesting dungeons… which is probably why they set the cap there and not lower, I guess.


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