FF14 Play Style

Got an email from Square Enix talking about FF14:

Curiously absent is, you know, Combat? Fighting? Raiding? Hell, even Story is absent.

Also, the Free Trial (which extends all the way to level 60 and an expansion) prevents you from joining Free Companies, using the Auction House, and if not outright preventing you from owning a house, caps you at 300k currency which is probably not enough to purchase one. Maybe the assumption is that you will be so enamored with the game as soon as you start the trial that you will fork over money right away. It’s misleading either way.

I do technically still have FF14 installed and some residual interest in slogging through the beginning nonsense to get to the presumed “good parts” of the plot. I don’t think I noticed any streamlining when I last tried though. We’ll see.

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  1. I thought I recall that a while back they made a change to the main quest line, both in making it shorter 1-60 and it giving you enough XP to do only those missions and keep pace?


  2. From what I understand the streamlining in the 2.0 experience is that they’ve given teleport tokens to Vesper Bay so when the MSQ makes you run back there all the time you can now just teleport instead. For the 2.1 through 2.5 the extra 100 quests have been cut down a lot, I’m told… but I’ve not made a new character to find out. Already done “the long way” for my own character as well as one I made for my daughter, so I’ve got no interest in doing it a 3rd time just to see how the streamlining works.


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