Episodes: Film
Genre: Action, Hentai


(Note: this review was written more than 10 years ago)

No one can prepare you for Kite. Reading no amount of reviews about this highly engrossing movie will stifle the shock and horror you feel after watching just the first fifteen minutes. Kite gets inside your head and stays there long after the 51 minutes it takes you to watch it are over. Is Kite something everyone can appreciate? No. Is Kite something everyone should watch? Absolutely.

The premise of Kite is that a crime scene investigator, Mr. Akai, secretly runs a small organization which kills child molesters, rapists, and and other such criminals when the courts aren’t able to. The protagonist, Sawa, is an orphaned teenaged girl who started working for Akia after her parents were brutally murdered. Sawa views Akai as her guardian, but the true extent of their relationship is something quite darker. The plot itself moves at a very brisk pace with little or no distractions. Indeed, you will never be anywhere other than the edge of your seat for the entire movie. Make no mistake, there is no time for comic relief.

Kite sports some of the most amazing animation I have ever seen. Characters move fluidly, are highly detailed, and otherwise look very, very cool. This high quality of animation takes on a more sinister note in relation to the various intense battle scenes. Every character in the movie seems to have a gun that fires exploding bullets, and no matter how many times you seen it happen, heavily detailed limbs, chests, and heads bursting in showers of blood will always make you wince. If not just seeing the exploding heads makes you whine, then hearing high quality sound that accompanies it will. Gun shots, explosions, blood hitting the floor…the sound effects are fantastic. Music in general in Kite is just as good as the animation quality, and creates a nice, dark atmosphere with just a hint of jazz influence with its various saxophone solos.

Be advised that although I feel Kite’s overall quality justifies the extreme violence and sex present in the film, your mileage may vary. Indeed, if you are new to anime or are otherwise sensitive to such material then perhaps Kite is not something you should subject yourself to. Forcing anime upon yourself is never good idea, and that is doubly important in Kite’s case. On the other hand, if you have no such inhibitions or are capable of judging a movie’s quality based on its merits and not shock value, then I would highly recommend watching Kite. It is an experience you will not soon forget.

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