The Underplayed Piece of D3 News

You can buy and sell characters.

The screenshots (from MMO Champ) are fairly low resolution, but it does clearly show Featured Heroes results, the drop-down box for the class, narrowing your search to level ranges and, of course, three listings of level-capped toons for sale. Apparently the market price for a level-capped Witch Doctor is 10,000g. I would recommend buying out all three and relisting for $20 apiece.

…things are going to get fun, aren’t they?

One quick item of note (that may be old news to some):

  • Personal loot. I was planning on making a post about how the whole RMT value of gear would make grouping and co-op loot rolling bizarre, but hey, this appears to have been settled over three years ago. In effect, each player gets loot from bosses/kills individually. In WoW terms, imagine killing 10m Magmaw or whatever and each person getting a (random) piece of gear instead of two pieces of random gear that has to be divvied up between 10 people. The funny thing is that this works in Diablo because loot is truly randomly generated, but absolutely doesn’t work in WoW judging by most peoples’ reactions to the random-stat loot in Throne of the 4 Winds, etc.
    • Of course, grouping can still get weird assuming you are playing with friends. If a cool Barbarian axe drops that you can’t use on your Wizard, do you give it to your Barbarian friend… or sell for $5?
    • Making things worse, few (if any) items in the game are BoP. This means you can swap with your friends (passing down a good item), but also that if you agree to mix-n-match loot in co-op, your friend can sell that Barbarian axe you gave him for cash later and you would never know (especially if he replaced it with a legit upgrade). Might sound petty or too goblin’ish right now, but believe me, this is a Diablo game; eventually there will be some 0.001% chance item drop that could easily sell for $100+ on eBay without even considering a Blizzard-sanctioned RMT system.

I would say that this will be the last post about Diablo 3, but honestly Diablo 3 is the most interesting thing that has happened in weeks. Other than Limbo being released on Steam.


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  1. From what I read, characters will only be able to be sold for Gold and on the gold currency AH. No character sales engine for RMT.


  2. If true, that is a pretty silly distinction. You cannot buy the level 60 Barbarian for $20, but you can buy the 20,000 gold needed buyout the auction for $20. Other than adding a 2nd layer of profit-skimming on Blizzard's part, what exactly are they accomplishing?


  3. > […]what exactly are they accomplishing?

    This way *someone* has to play to gather the 20K gold.


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