Dead Island

Probably old news, but this is by far the best zombie apocalypse game trailer I have ever seen:

There were parts of that video that looked like live-action. That aside, I was not entirely sure there was space in the game market for another Left 4 Dead game, but… according to this Joystiq preview it is apparently a Borderlands-esque RPG complete with “stat boosting shouts,” tank-melee-rogue-ranged party dynamic, quests, XP, and items with stats on them. Obviously that article mentions some issues with the game that may or may have been solved by the time it is released next week, so who knows.

I typically believe myself immune to marketing, but damn. Not going to buy the game until a Steam deal comes along, although I shall be easgerly following its progress in the Metacritic space.

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  1. If you look into who made that trailer, it had been outsourced to a CGI film studio group.

    Dead Island the game is more in the vein of “chop the zombie arms off with your electrified machete” than that trailer would suggest.


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