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I cannot imagine anyone reading this wouldn’t already know, but in case you haven’t checked:

  • Bastion is the mid-week Steam madness sale. $7.49 (down from $15)
  • New Humble Bundle is up, now with The Binding of Isaac as a bonus.

As previously mentioned, Bastion is top-quality material.

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  1. Well, I didn’t know about the humble bundle so consider this a worthwhile PSA.


  2. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. What’s the story with the controls in this game? You have to move diagonal most of the time, and on WASD that’s kinda weird. Am I missing something?

    Also, is it just a basic attack smash fest? I don’t get the impression you ever learn any cool powers/spells or anything. Is that right?

    It was kinda interesting, but I’m missing what is so amazing about this game.


    • The controls didn’t bother me, but it WAS designed on consoles originally. If you have a gamepad, I’m pretty sure you can hook it up.

      You unlock various weapons as time goes on – my combo was always the shotgun and the machete. And yes, as an action RPG, you otherwise spend a lot of time smashing things.

      As for the amazing part, if you aren’t enjoying the artwork, the music, or the narrator thus far, there is still a chance the last level will redeem it for you.


      • Maybe I’ll give it another shot with a gamepad. I have an xbox 360 controller I use on my PC sometimes.

        The narrator was awesome. Very early on I was smashing stuff up and the narrator does “The kid raged for a while” and I lol’d.

        The art style definitely isn’t my thing. Its that kiddie anime stuff that I am not a huge fan off.

        The lack of abilities is kindof a bummer. In my action RPGs I love having abilities like whirlwind, fireball, whatever. Maybe I’m just such a diablo/torchlight freak its hard for me to adjust in other action RPGs.

        The narrator alone though almost sells me on this game. I’d love to see that concept used in other games.


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