Paladin Ranged Snare

They did it, they really did it.

*cue We Are the Champions*

Obviously it is on the same row as a 30 second HoJ replacement and the paladin Sheep, both of which are likely to be better picks in a general sense. Obviously it is not game-breaking and who even knows what will be considered “balanced” at level 90. But… my god, gentlemen. To be denied for seven years, to endure the rationalizations as why paladins don’t need a proper snare, and to have this appear at 4 am on a random Wednesday… it is a sweet, sweet release.

A more thorough examination of the newly revised talent trees will have to wait until tomorrow.

P.S. My god, it’s full of stars…

*cue the sound of one jaw dropping*

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  1. Ugh, they reduced long arm of the law to two seconds instead of four… even with judgement cd reduced to 6 seconds it’s annoying that they decided to reduce uptime of this already clunky mechanic…

    Crusader’s Zeal for Ret… really? Random Attack speed increase, not even haste?
    Ugh, Exorcism is now PROC on auto-attack for Ret, and not available to other specs at all? I guess they really want to keep ret rng-based…

    Seal of Justice is now full snare (finally!), but it’s Ret-only… I want prot pvp :(
    Oh well, i guess no-cd judgements with Avenging Wrath that apply ranged slow, increase my own speed, and add holy power will do instead!

    …that sounds like a bit too much on single judgement really.

    And tank gains spellpower from strength again! Sounds great for pvp too.

    Avenging Wrath as 3m CD instead of 2m…
    Non-holy specs lose Holy Light and Divine Light…
    Seal of Righteousness is now aoe seal, and Command is single-target… why not the other way around?

    Ugh, Shield of the Righteous works only with 3 HP and increases block by 10% only for 5 seconds… I guess you can mostly keep it up with Blessed Life while tanking, but i don’t like 4.5s/6/8s cd for Holy Power “generators”… and block increase (rng unless you can cap it) that cannot be kept up even if you want to sounds weird. I don’t see how it can make any sense with any tanking changes…

    Wait, if Devotion Aura is holy-only and a cd… oh, they removed all auras. That doesn’t sound fun at all actually.

    No shielding on self-overheal for prot? No Sacred Duty? No Reckoning? They think that Crusader’s Zeal is fun for Ret and Reckoning for Prot isn’t?

    …oh well, if all goes as usual that cool “judgement for everything!” combo will be nerfed into uselessness.


    • Not sure what they’re thinking with Crusader’s Zeal, but the attack speed boost couldn’t be 25% haste or whatever because that would randomly speed up Ret’s rotation (suddenly your CS cooldown is 1 second sooner, etc). And, yeah, I would say Reckoning is dumb as Prot, and always has been. Still took it, of course, but extra 2k damage strikes just feels lame.

      As for SotR, I’m pretty sure there will be Glyphs to smooth out the coverage. I do find it odd that they’re sticking with the block % mechanic after pooh-poohing it in the dev blogs so often.


  2. Wait, since they remove Pursuit of Justice, Paladins actually move SLOWER with Long Arm of the Law then now on average…


    • I dunno, if you take Pursuit of Justice and Judge a critter or whatever, you’re going almost as fast as before. Blessed Life + PoJ is kind of a funny combo where you move faster and faster as you continue getting damaged.

      Anyway, I can’t work myself up too much about it considering I’ll never have to bother with awkwardly turning off Crusader Aura and not being able to do anything for 1.5 seconds as I perform a dismount in mid-air.


      • Well, 2s out 6 for 145% speed averages to 115% speed total – which is exactly same as current Pursuit of Justice passive.

        And new talented Pursuit of Justice slows you right after you use your instant nuke/heal… In fact, i think constant change of runspeed during normal course of combat is highly unfun – it will screw up muscle memory big time for boss encounters.


      • And new talented Pursuit of Justice slows you right after you use your instant nuke/heal…

        Arguably, if you are close enough to use Templar’s Verdict, you don’t have a need for runspeed increases. :P


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