Thoughts on MoP Paladins


  • Judgement has a 6 second cooldown, 30 yard range baseline. At level 5. Cool.
  • No Auras anymore. Crusader Aura is passive, self-only.
  • Well, Holy paladins get a ridiculous cooldown version of the missing Auras.
  • Blinding Shield has returned as Blinding Light.
  • It will surf through beta, then hotfix-nerfed Day 1.
  • Seriously, Hungering Cold gets a cast time, and another instant mass-AoE spell is designed?
  • Plus, paladins. What’s not to nerf?


  • T1 – Speed of Light is a real oddball cooldown here. Consider that it is another 20% DR on a 1 minute cooldown for Holy, on top of Divine Protection, on top of Divine Shield, on top of Hand of Protection, on top of Devotion Aura (20% less Fire/Frost/Shadow damage, immune to interrupts/Silence for 6 seconds), on top of potentially Ardent Defender*. And you move faster with it up. The Prot version of Speed of Light increases damage done by 10% and is thus the more “raid tank” choice, but what does extra damage and moving faster have in common really? And Ret will skip it to grab the somewhat clunkier Long Arm of the Law. Or potentially Pursuit of Justice depending on how quickly Holy Power expires.
  • T2 – We already tried the 6 second stun on a 30 second cooldown, Blizz. You said it didn’t work. As excited I am about Burden of Guilt, Repentance is really the only logical choice.
  • T3 – /yawn. I want Sacred Shield as a tank, assuming the boosted healing doesn’t evaporate when the bubble pops, but I’m pretty sure Blessed Life will be required all the time, by every spec, everywhere. Constant raid damage, anyone?
  • T4 – Selfless Healer is P-I-M-P. Thank you for bringing back my Ret from Wrath. Besides, it was getting a little dumb that warriors and rogues could heal themselves better/faster than my paladin while leveling.
  • T5 – This whole row needs redesigned.
  • T6 – Ditto this row. Boring.
  • Misc – Blessed Life + Pursuit of Justice is actually a pretty funny talent “combo.” The more you damage a paladin, the faster they run around. Wish they would turn that more into a paladin kit.


  • [Ret] Nothing too terribly different than what we have now, aside from extra polish. For example, Inquisition now lasts 10 seconds per Holy Power, up from 4, making it more Slice n’ Dicey. Exorcism is Ret-only, instant-cast baseline, has no cooldown (!), generates Holy Power, and automatically fires ala DK’s old-school Sudden Doom talent (before it got moved to Unholy). Hrm… they might be intending for Ret to not be able to push the button until it lights up ala Arcane Missiles. Actually, yeah, both say “activate.” Lame.
  • [Prot] /yawn. Could we have a few more passive abilities, Blizzard? Getting activated abilities at 10, 20, and 40 is too much. I might actually have to use a second row of my action bar.
  • [Holy] I don’t roll Holy, but I find those rolling damage reduction cooldowns to be a tad of the ridiculous side.

Overall, I may have gotten a little too excited yesterday over the legitimate 50% snare thing. Especially considering the absolutely batshit crazy insane shenanigans going on in the Warlock department.

Consider yourself foreshadowed.

P.S. Did anyone else notice that mages no longer have Teleport/Portal: Theramore, but Stonard is still on the roster? Blatant Horde favoritism! Unless… unless… Alliance mages can send careless raid/random BG members to Stonard too. In which case: well played, Blizzard. Well played.

*Obviously not all at once, or in that sequence. However… 10 second DivPro, 12 second SoL, 10 second ArdentD, 6 second DevoAura, 8 second DivShield… which leaves you with 14 seconds until DivPro comes back off cooldown. Which you can fill with a 20 second Avenging Wrath, Guardian of Ancient Kings, or you know, actually healing through normal damage.

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  1. mages no longer have Teleport/Portal: Theramore

    Because there’s no such city. Not anymore.


  2. I admit I’ve steered clear of all the announcement/leaks for 5.0. Things will change so much on the way that I find useless to think/discuss/optimize/theorycraft on data which is irremediably incomplete or false.
    Even for Cataclysm, druids were the last class to be fixed (in the beta I did all the leveling as bear, as it was DPSing more than cat form….), so anything I could come up now will (for sure) be obsolete/useless by the time 5.0 hits the servers.
    Relax and play something else in the meantime is the way to go :) I’m almost 65 with my warden and then I’ll keep going to 75….


    • Things will change, no doubt. Things change from patch to patch, even. I just love these Wild Idea periods because it gives insights into the minds of these designers, and what they would like to do but can’t because of balance/etc reasons.

      Giving paladins a proper 50% snare, for example, represents a fundamental shift from the last seven years of paladin class design. Did players finally win them over? It probably is a bit silly to imagine a pally-hater on the design team, but I often get the impression that radical Quality of Life changes only occur when a Dev actually sits down and gets owned by X class/spec on their own time and realizes exactly how stupid it feels.

      I mean, remember PvP balance in TBC days? Or even PvE balance for that matter? Night and day, man. Arms warrior + Stunhearld + Macestun + Resto druid happened for four seasons, and for three of those seasons Ret paladins didn’t even get resilience on their gear. Not to mention how Belf paladins had a ~20% higher DPS than their Alliance counterparts because of Seal of Blood. In what universe does shit like that make sense?


      • In what universe does shit like that make sense?

        Bill Gates earns something like 1000x what I earn, in what universe does shit like this make sense? :)
        Just because now it’s clear that it was meaningless, it does not mean that at the time things were so clear or easily fixed. Also, the “1% balance” is a priority now, in the past, unbalanced games were more or less the norm…. and we still played them….


  3. As a side note, ret and prot aren’t getting mana regen from Judgement any longer; the only mana regen mentioned is in Touched by the Light and Sheath of Light, which both merely state: “Increases your mana regeneration by 10%”

    Which leads to the question: 10% of what? And how often? Currently all of our in-combat regen comes from Replenishment, Divine Plea, Sanctuary, and Judgement. The first of those is going away, Divine Plea is Holy-exclusive, Sanctuary is now an armor boost, and Judgement returns holy power instead of mana.


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