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Thanks everyone who commented earlier about the 5 Stages of PC Shopping, as I have officially broke the cycle. Le specs:

  • i5-2500K Processor (4x 3.30GHz/6MB L3 Cache)
  • 8 GB [4 GB X2] DDR3-1600
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti – 1GB – EVGA Superclocked – Core: 900MHz
  • 64 GB ADATA S596 Turbo SSD (for Windows, games)
  • 500 GB HARD DRIVE — 16M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s (for data)

The rig came to $1260 when the $75 (!) shipping was added in, all via If you’re interested, their Black Friday sale has morphed into a Weekend Sale that will undoubtedly segue into a Cyber Monday sale, so you probably have some time.

I suppose the “cycle” is not permanently broken until I start buying and assembling the computer myself, but given I haven’t had a computer tower in years I figure I’ll be more comfortable next time around. When I priced the components individually on Newegg, it came to ~$818 before shipping and without certain features like liquid cooling and such. I paid a premium, but it’s an okay premium. For now.

In unrelated, albeit possibly interesting news, I will be playing the SWTOR beta starting in the afternoon.

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  1. If you want to use the 64GB SSD for games you will need a program like this. It transfers steam games from one HD to the next without breaking Steam ;). They are at all times 100% playable.

    I use it to play games from the SSD and transfer them back to the storage drive when I stop playing them frequently. Very useful for making Skyrim videos, which wouldn’t be possible at highest quality if I recorded on the same drive that I load the game from.


  2. I pretty much bought the components you did on Newegg the last 2 days, except I’m keeping my existing HDDs. Here’s how I made out:

    i5-2500k + GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 $295 after combo discount and rebate
    Crucial 8GB DDR3 1866 $50
    GIGABYTE GV-N560UD-1G GeForce GTX 560 Ti w/ Batman Arkham City $180 after rebate, $150 after selling Batman on Ebay
    Rosewill case $50

    Effectively spent $550, could have added an SSD and HDD and kept it under $750. I’m a happy camper, going to use the stock cooling until I intend to OC which probably won’t be too soon.


  3. I didn’t follow up on the last thread, so…

    “My last three computers were from Best Buy, but I’m in a much different (read: better) financial state this time around, so I’m willing to break the vicious cycle. It’s just when I start reading about applying thermal paste and shit like that that I realize it’s a lot more involved than snapping in some RAM (which I have done before).

    Did you simply go off the part directions when you tried the first time? Internet sites?”

    I actually had a friend who helped me figure out what all to buy, and then kind of directed me and gave me a couple little tips as he watched me put it together. Most of the directions did come from the actual parts documentation though. Honestly, the hardest part of assembling your own computer is making sure that everything you’ve got is going to be compatible together. And maybe understanding the different video cards and the increasingly complicated numbering systems the companies are using to label their different cards.

    When I first did it, I was really surprised at how simple the whole thing was. Most of your components are “keyed” such that they can’t be installed wrong. Looking at a motherboard and seeing it covered in all this stuff can be sort of intimidating, but when you look past it, and actually read the little labels or the documentation, all of a sudden everything becomes clear. When you finally do make assemble one yourself, you’re going to stop and think “why the hell wasn’t I doing this the whole time?” For the most part, it boils down to “plug A into the corresponding keyed socket A”.


  4. A minor suggestion: considering the price of hard disks compared to the rest of the system, I strongly encourage you to buy 2x identical hard disks and set them as raid1 (mirror). This saves endless aggravation the day one of them dies (which constructor did you chose for the disks, BTW?)


    • Everything I pasted above is all the website says vis-a-vis the HDDs. There was actually options to add additional HDDs in the Raid1 configuration, but it was +$109 regardless of whether it was an additional data or SSD.

      Actually, if you want to investigate, the link from “Le specs” goes to the specific build order itself.


      • Hmmm yes I see, no data on the origin of the HDs, weird. I also never heard about ADATA SSDs, I’d have probably gone with constructors I know (Intel / Crucial).
        At the same time, whatever the lifetime, it’ll be obsolete before you have a problem with it… :)


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