32GB At A Time

The new computer has arrived.

Remember that photo from the 5 Stages of PC Shopping? Yeah, that basically showed up.

Asian (unfortunately) not included.

Although I have technically had this rig – and it physically qualifies as a “rig” – for a day and a half, I have not actually played any games on it. As it turns out, somewhere inbetween the last time I bought a new computer and this one, I have accumulated a lot of shit that does not like being moved around. iTunes, for instance, was an adventure; you can’t just copy the iTunes folder over and be done with it. It’s fickle. So fickle, in fact, that I ended up having to change the way iTunes was stored on my laptop (moving everything to D:/), then renaming my hard drive on the new machine from E:/ to D:/ (for some reason the Blu-Ray drive was D:/), copying it all onto a 32GB thumb drive I bought today for this express purpose, and then finally shifting it to the new machine.

The whole operation felt like a Kidney transplant, complete with a fear of rejection by the host. And now that I looked it up on Wikipedia, it took around the same amount of time. My Steam transplant, by comparison, was more akin to a vasectomy: just a little snip-snip, followed by recovery.

Hopefully I will be back up and running at full steam (oh ho ho) by the weekend at the latest. Although I had half a mind to chase the Skyrim bandwagon before it completely faded from view, Deus Ex: HR was technically here first in the “I wish my computer could play this” category. And screw being topical anyway (when you are already so far behind the curve)!

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  1. You didn’t just swap the old drive into the new computer?

    That makes everything way easier. Just have your OS installed on the new SSD, setup in BIOS to boot to that drive first, and then having both of them in the computer, you can easily shuffle things around as needed, or may even eliminate the need to shuffle them.


  2. I second the suggestion, this is what I do usually as well. If you don’t want to mess up with the inside of your new PC you can get one of those external IDE/SATA bays which allow you to put in any HD and see it as external USB storage.

    I’ll be getting some parts for my PC this week-end and I already know that when I move the disks over, linux will boot just fine, but I’ll have to reinstall windows from scratch….


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