The Interview

I have perhaps the biggest interview of my life tomorrow – the kind of interview you spend $300 flying up to Chicago wearing a suit to attend – so it may be a few days before I get back to armchair game development. In commemoration of my finally “beating” Skyrim at 117 hours /played, please enjoy these Photoshops I threw together in the meantime.

Just another round of dailies in Whiterun.

Introducing Gourmet Chef Leonidas.

I had intended to post Leonidas’ daily adventures when I first started, but that turned out to require spending time writing/’shoping when I could have been playing.

I still may put Leonidas to bed, so to speak, and there will be a formal review, of course. Beyond that though, I want need to wash my hands of Skyrim and move on with my life. Mass Effect 3 is coming, and I want to play ME2 before the spoilers get too ubiquitous.

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  1. Good luck with the interview!


  2. Welcome to the Windy City! We have cookies.


    • It was a decent enough place.

      The security checkpoint at O’Hare was abysmal though, good lord. Those Backscatter X-Ray machines are supposed to make things go quicker.


  3. Gourmet Chef Leonidas has awesome armour, and a fine choice in hats.

    Good luck with the Chicago quest line, hopefully they won’t mutter a few words and then ask you to go and speak with their colleague in San Diego for part two.


  4. Can I spoil ME2 or 3? Huh can I please? Anyway as someone who lives just outside of Chicago my advise is to run fast and run hard away from this city and state. It was just announced as the most corrupt city and 3rd most corrupt state in the nation.

    Based on your responses over on Nils’s (is that correct spelling?) blog I know you have a left bent but Chicago is left corruption. be ready for the higest taxes in the country.


  5. Good luck with the interview!


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