Bioware Cupcakes

Best ending line in a gaming news article goes to Kotaku.

The short version of events leading up to that article is that, similar to the (shut down) Child’s Play charity drive, a group of gamers decided to “protest” Mass Effect 3’s ending by sending Bioware 400 cupcakes… each one identical, aside from red, blue, or green frosting. The cupcakes arrived, and then this happened (emphasis mine):

Writing on the company’s forums, Chris Priestley says that while “we appreciate creative and thoughtful” acts of feedback, “we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or accomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team.”

As a result, instead of eating them all up, BioWare donated all 400 cupcakes to a local youth shelter. Where, presumably, after picking their colours and finishing their last bite, the kids were left wondering whether their choice had really been that important, and if somebody could please come in an explain what the hell just happened.

I’m sure that, one day, I won’t find these stories so goddamn hilarious. Today is not that day.

In other news, I have added a new section to the site called “Currently,” as in Currently Playing/Reading/Watching. I do not expect it to become relevant to the blog proper, but if you enjoy occasionally seeing what other bloggers are up to (as I do), there you go.

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  1. +1 vote for “Best ending line” :P


  2. I must say that this is one of the more creative fan protests I’ve seen, but then again I’m partial to fan displeasure which results in food products. It makes me think about fan protests back when the show Roswell was on the air and in danger of cancellation (which was all the time). Fans sent a deluge of Tabasco bottles (a plot-centric item) to the WB in order to keep the show on the air. Yes, I just admitted to watching/having watched a teen drama show with aliens in it. I proudly have no dignity.

    I can honestly say I did not expect Bioware to eat the cupcakes and am glad that they were at least donated to someone who will enjoy them. Only time will tell if this kind of tasty protest has any impact though. As for final lines, Kotaku most certainly earns a gold star for theirs.


    • Yes, I just admitted to watching/having watched a teen drama show with aliens in it. I proudly have no dignity.

      I am the absolute last person in the world to question others’ tastes in television. I am currently watching a shoujo anime about a 12-year old girl with throat cancer that magically transforms into a healthy 16 year-old singer via magic from shinigami (aka death spirits). Don’t ask, because I don’t know either.

      Usually I’m watching more “normal” anime fare, but I have long since stopped questioning why something being animated and subtitled suddenly makes it 10x more interesting than network programming to me.


      • As someone who just finished watching the kdrama You’re Beautiful (a gender bender title about a girl who pretends to be a boy and sings in a kpop band) for the upteenth time, I am glad to find myself in good company.


  3. Let’s try to remove emotion from the debate. Bioware claimed that your choices will have an impact on the ending. Almost every single choice results in some addition or reduction in war score. Now this may be just 23 points or it can be 150 or more. And war score determines if an ending is even possible.

    So did Bioware fulfill the letter of the law so to speak? Yes they did. Was Bioware kind of weasely in how they marketed it? Once again yes.

    But to honestly think that how you treated Conrad verner should have some hugh visual impact on the ending is just as silly.

    Also, let’s use another example. Say you side with the Rachni queen. You get 100 to your war score. But if I wanted to be renegade should I get punished for it and not gain any war score? If Bioware did that then they are forcing us to play a certain way. So they gave you 80 war score for saving the krogan squad. The difference of 20 is not much but what other option is there.

    See its easy to gripe and bitch, but what alternative did they have? And I guarantee that whatever answer you give to that question will make a bunch of people mad.


    • Without getting into spoilers here in the comments, I believe that everyone was expecting a Fallout ending (or Dragon Age: Origin!) and instead got Deus Ex. There are also the implications of the ending itself – along with the extremely incongruent Normandy bits – which have been discussed already.

      Personally, though? Casey Hudson wanted an ending that “would be remembered.” And he got it, if not perhaps for the reasons he hoped.


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