Guild Wars 2 Died for Your Sins

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Guild Wars 2 preorder pre-purchase prepay “beta” is up this weekend for those wanting to reserve their limited edition digital goods before the price drop. I have been following the trajectory of this game through its development with a fully cocked eyebrow, and a default expression of “Impress me.” Indeed, I have been openly skeptical over some of its more miraculous claims, although I have been surprised before.

But you know what? I have been in the Doubting Thomas peanut gallery for long enough. So let’s send this Jesus game through its paces starting on Good (Enough) Friday.

Starting assumptions.

As a baseline, this is what I am expecting:

  • Nothing
  • Good graphics/UI
  • Lots of circle-strafing
  • Bugs (it’s still presumably a beta)
  • Warhammer 2.0 vis-a-vis public quests, RvR WvWvWvWvWvWvWvWbbbbbbbbbfffft
  • Fun and/or amusement in some quantifiable amount

If you are weary of endless GW2 reporting or simply don’t care about the game all that much, buckle up. Come Monday, I will have some impressions just for you.

P.S. I will probably be rolling on the Yak’s Ass Bend server. Because why the hell not.

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  1. I’m waiting for other blogger’s impressions before I decide upon buying the game or not, so bring it on! If I may make a request (Mr. Dj, hehe), I’d like to know how these public quests work, if the lacking of healers is such a big deal, if the game is too easy (PVE-wise) and if PVP has more than storming a castle gate and a zerg rush.


  2. My biggest question is how is the combat? Is it fast paced and responsive? Is pvp just random sides zerging each other? Do the mobs behave like WoW mobs just with direction? Is there any difficulty or adjustments need to be made to handle mobs while questing?

    Other then that really the only other thing I’d be interested in is unique features or simply different styles or older features that might not quite make a headline but would be interesting none the less.


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