Comparison Shopping

During my daily Dealzon (PC) browsing ritual, I came across this rather unfortunate side-by-side apples vs oranges comparison:

1 apple vs 36 oranges, most likely.

I already own GW2 and have no compunction about skipping TSW, both MMOs are going after very different sorts of players, etc etc, yes I know. But… just look at that picture for a second.

Dunno about you, but it gave me pause to consider the relative value of money and how in the world the average person chooses which product to buy when they see two things on a (virtual) shelf. Has $2.12 ever bought a bigger difference?

Just idle thoughts. Carry on.

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  1. I’m not sure I really understand what you’re getting at. What is the unfortunate part of the comparison?

    From my point of view, I see two PC games, on sale for roughly the same price, from two different outlets.


    • Roughly the same price, but the one with the subscription has (arguably?) significantly less PvE/PvP content and fewer players than the alternative. GW2 doesn’t have Investigative missions or present-day settings (etc), of course, which is why it is apples vs oranges. But sometimes the comparison is actually 1 apple vs 12 oranges, which means you would really have to hate oranges to not pony up the extra $2.12.

      Admittedly, this all made better sense in my head.


  2. To be fair, many people [myself included] value their time a lot more than the money they spend. I’m much more concerned with finding an engaging play experience than getting good “value” from my money.

    But I do understand what you’re saying. I had my own rant about TSW “gouging” players by selling a box, a subscription and item shop stuff.

    To be honest, I think I liked it better when companies sold video games.


    • The incentives certainly seemed more pure in the box days. Cram as much extra content as you could into the $60 game because the only way to get more money was to sell more copies of the game or a sequel based on the positive reviews of the first. Now all the bonus stuff has a individual price tag.


  3. Maybe you need compare the prices of that games at the same shoping sites. I noted that you are comparing two diferent shopping sites: and GameFly. Diferent companies, diferent discount strategies, diferent stocks.

    How much is The Secret World at GameFly and how much is GW2 at Looking at, GW2 standard version is $59.99 (mmmm… 1 cent discount).

    Looking at GameFly The Secret World is $ 49.99, download version. Strangelly, today GameFly have only the GW2 Deluxe Edition for sell, download version, $ 79.99. The GW2 standard version is sold out….


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