One Year

A year ago today, I made my introductory In An Age post.

I still laugh at this one.

And it was all downhill from there.

The archives technically go back to December 2010, as I had imported my Player Vs Auction House posts over here when I moved from Blogspot to WordPress and broadened my scope. Looking back, the beginnings of that transition happened when I wrote OT: Firelands, Difficulty, and Cataclysmic Malaise back in March 2011, which remains one of my favorite posts… especially when I established the conjecture as fact nearly a year later.

That is somewhat of a joke.

Incidentally, up until my Guild Wars 2 prediction post last week, the Established Fact one back in January was the most-viewed page on the site. Posting the GW2 predictions and the TSW subscription numbers (#3 highest) in the same week did fun things to my graph:

Numbers removed to protect the innocent, e.g. my ego.

Not that I write for the pageviews or anything.

To be honest, this website is pretty much my sole outlet to talk about dubious patch notes, tone-deaf dev chats, post funny pictures, and wax philosophical about gaming in general. So if you were wondering whether I had some special Plans for next year and beyond, it is basically going to be exactly what you’ve got thus far.

I enjoy what I do here, and hopefully you do as well. But even if you don’t, well, stick around anyway and maybe you’ll learn something. Or possibly the other way around.


By the way, the Guild Wars 2 headstart went live as I was typing this. My original intention was to jump on the Jade Quarry server because other bloggers seemed to be going there, but it was Full after approximately two minutes of being online. Four hours later, it appears to be merely High, but I wanted to go ahead and jump into the game. So if you want to watch me gleefully man the cannons in WvW, feel free to join me on the Northern Shiverpeaks server.

I picked that server because it was the next largest in terms of guilds that wasn’t Full, or an “unofficial RP server.” According to this page, it may end up being the #6 server in terms of players. I will have more to say about all this later, but suffice it to say, I did not want a repeat of my low-pop Recommended server ghost town WoW experience. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Normally I try to choose either an RP server or a low-pop one. Low pop servers are always much calmer, quieter and more laid-back places in my experience and playing on them is significantly more enjoyable. The downside, of course, is that after a few months of paradise the server merges come and you end up as the unwanted immigrants on some hybrid server that never successfully integrates.

    This time round I decided to pick a middling server instead, so Yak’s Bend it is, although right now I’d settle for *any* server.


    • I actually enjoyed the low-pop Recommended server… for a while. It was nice being able to know a lot of the people in other guilds, to cooperate with them if they had members absent on raid day, and so on. But once the people you know start leaving, there are not many to replace them with.

      In GW2 specifically, Events are going to be god-awful when alone. It will already be tough for even high-pop servers to maintain player density once everyone starts spreading out through all the zones, and I can only imagine what will happen on low-pop servers.


  2. Grats on the anniversary.

    Still cheerfully resisting the appeal of GW2 here. Might pick it up in a month, once its real contours emerge from the haze, but I predict the community will be awful. Competitive rage incentives sans intellectual entry barriers.


  3. Grats on the anniversary!
    I totally missed mine, happened the day after I returned from a long hiatus, it seems. well, I can always go and do a “1 year and 2.5 months”-iversary, if I want to, just because I’m different. :D

    Would’ve been interested to see the numbers, though. Always interesting to see how other people are doing.Though it might be depressing for me. ;)


  4. Happy bloggaversary!
    and I remember that start of yours, hehe…I kept thinking why on earth would anyone wanna “hold back” on his “best posts”?? ;)


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