Misleading Product Titles

Out of all the possible game launch issues, I find this one especially embarrassing:

Burn Level: Well-done

By the way, having to scan a Twitter feed for bug updates to a problem acknowledged on Facebook is perhaps the least responsible use of social media technology ever. I am talking 1998 Geocities auto-playing MIDIs level of ridiculousness.

Some people have said they can get in/make guilds. Good for you. It has not worked for my small band of players as of this posting, and it is still listed as a bug on the Guild Wars 2 webpage. The good news is that ArenaNet has a workaround!

Sounds eerily similar to how I got my CompSci 150 final project to compile.

I would almost be tempted to try that if WvW for my server had not been in a permanent queue since the pre-launch happened.

On a final note, I take back every good thing I said about one-server games. See, I enjoy(ed) the fact that you can have a name with spaces in Guild Wars 2; it gives you more options, allows for some creativity, naming-schemes, and so on. But the more I think about it, the more asinine it feels to require unique names across the entirety of the playerbase on every server everywhere. We already have the equivalent of “Battletags” for use on the forums and our accounts (e.g. Bob.4375), so why require unique names? The more successful the game is, the more annoying this problem becomes. And it is not as though this is some kind of technological problem: Blizzard has been doing this cross-realm shit for years, nevermind whoever did it before them.

This name thing is especially an annoyance to me in terms of guilds. I liked the name Invictus, in spite of it being a fairly common guild name and yet another “Ominous Latin Noun” (which is itself an ironically standard name). But, no. Some random guy in Wisconsin six servers away claimed ownership first, now and forever, leaving me with choices like The Invictus, XxInvictusxX, Invictus 2: First Blood, and a cavalcade of increasingly poor choices. Is it entitlement to simply desire the ability to title the group of friends you are hanging out with? Maybe.

Then again, the name of the goddamn game is Guild Wars 2, so you would assume that… well, nevermind.

P.S. While I was researching whether guild names are indeed unique across all servers, I came across this interview that I must have missed. It is somewhat topical given the raised eyebrows surrounding the news that some guy hit level 80 in GW2 before the official launch date:

Post: Guild Wars 2 has a maximum level cap of 80 — which is pretty damn high. And with high level caps, there’s always a feeling that players need to grind their butts off. Is there anything in place to prevent that urge or need to grind?

Eric Flannum: We regard leveling as a good measure of progress and not as the ultimate goal of the game. There is an amount of time at which a single level becomes useless as a measure of progress because you can’t make significant gains in a single play session. We are continuing to tweak and tune just how long we think that is but we currently put it at around 90 minutes. Since we aren’t interested in leveling as an end goal this allows us to cap our leveling time at around the 90 minute mark. This means that our leveling curve flattens out relatively early in the game. For example it currently takes about the same amount of time to progress from 79 to 80 as it does to go from 49 to 5o. This allows us to avoid the grind often associated with the later levels in an MMO. (source)

The flat leveling curve is not news, but I was not aware ArenaNet specifically put a 90-minute target down. That is about 120 hours until 80, or roughly 1.5 months if you play ~20 hours/week. Dunno if they revised those numbers since that interview, but it certainly feels a little bit faster than that. And that “we’re not interested in leveling as an end goal” certainly strikes me as a bit amusing since Diablo 3 very publicly turned an aboutface on that very issue just last week.

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  1. It’s also very amusing because you need 200 skill points to buy the fragment or whatever needed to craft the epic weapons. And how do you get that many if you’ve already gotten all the ones on the maps and bought all your skills with them?

    By grinding xp while at the level cap of course!

    So yeah. I think we can safely discard that interview.

    P.S. Fuck Facebook. Scourge of the damn internet. Put your damn announcements on your fucking website and/or forums like a normal company does you prats. Oh wait, the forums are down for no discernible reason.


    • > Oh wait, the forums are down for no discernible reason.

      Yes, that’s the other funny thing. They are able to keep the game severs up without major problems but they can’t keep a stupid web server up. :)

      For the guild stuff. I never had problems to do guild operatoion _as long as I’m not in an overflow server._ WvW is guaranteed to never be overflow, that’s probably why they only mentioned that option.


      • Too bad the queues to get into WvW on some servers is flat out insane. Some damn solution.

        Speaking of which, there’s another thing that chafes my balls: WvW queues. They need to up the cap or something ’cause with how low they are right now it seems like it would be near impossible to have both an active WvW server community and reasonable queues. I was in the damn queue for one of the borderland zones for 2 hours last night.


    • Ha! I completely forgot about the pseudo-Paragon system thing they have going on post-80. In their defense, I suppose it isn’t buying +1% power or AA-esque gains but it will indeed be interesting to see player behavior at the cap.


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