Late to the Party

This question may be be moot by the time anyone can read/respond to it, but…

If you had zero next-gen consoles or games, which one (1) console would you purchase?

  • Xbox 360 250GB w/ Halo anniversary and Forza 4 ($199)
  • PS3 Slim 250GB Console with Uncharted 1 & 2 and Infamous 1 & 2 ($219)
  • Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort ($119)
  • None (see below)

I have zero interest in the Wii U or any of the handhelds – I’d be using the console as a Netflix box for a 32″ TV at a minimum. I am heavily leaning towards PS3 right now between the number of exclusive titles that I have some interest in, but I am also aware of how many times PS3 owners have been screwed over in terms of updates, game ports, etc. My PC will still be my primary gaming rig, but if I wait until 2013 and the next-next-gen, then my 32″ TV will be quite out of place attached to my PS2.

Then again, I haven’t actually bought the 32″ TV yet ($180), so technically I could just do nothing at all and wait all this shit out like I have been for the last 6-8 years. Sigh.


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  1. I was in this situation a year ago… I bought the PS3, for several reasons. First, one of the few console franchises I like is the Ratchet & Clank series, a PS3 exclusive. Second, the PS3 plays Blu-Rays and is currently my only Blu-Ray player.

    For me, the edge went to the PS3 because of certain exclusive titles. The XBOX 360 had a lot of crossover – the games I’d likely buy there were also available on PC. It’s like having an XBOX didn’t expand my gaming choices much.


  2. PS3. Hands down, no questions asked.

    Especially if you have a PC, there are very few games that you can get on the Xbox360 that you can’t get on PC or PS3. Also, the PS3 let’s you play multiplayer for free which is a nice bonus, You don’t have to pay for Xbox Live for Netflix either. Plays Blu-Rays which is fantastic. Only cool think the XBox has in its favor is the Kinect and it’s one of those things you will use once or twice and then mostly forget about.


  3. I bought a PS3 about a month ago and use it more or less as an advanced blu-ray player. I have yet to actually play a game on the thing.


  4. i don’t know about netflix but i use the ps3 to stream my media from the puter to the tv constantly and it does the job well.. just get something like ps3 media server

    as for exclusives, I’ve always liked the ps3 ones more as they have a better range.


  5. The correct answer is to just hook up the PC to the TV. Even if the logistics turn out to be difficult it’s definitely worth it since you’re getting ten times the flexibility and features you’d have on a console.


    • The TV I’m looking at has the hookups to make this work, so… hmm. Hell, my computer even has a Blu-Ray disc drive (that I only now just noticed)!

      Well, damn, good (indirect) point that this decision should be based 100% on my wanting to play the exclusive games for the system rather than for Netflix or whatever else.


  6. I’ve enjoyed the crap out of my wii over the last 5 years. I’d never call it anything remotely resembling a “hardcore gaming system,” but the low bar of entry for most of the main titles and the well-integrated motion sensing makes it ideal if you wanna play something with folks who don’t really “do” video games. It’s also nice that I can use my old GC controllers to play some of the games where the motion control isn’t optimal (I’m looking at you, Mario Kart Wii-wheel), and the backwards compatibility is, as far as I know, 100%.

    If you can get a wii on the cheap, it wouldn’t be a bad purchase, even if, as you said, it becomes a “netflix box” 99% of the time.

    That said, the whole PS3 (non)backwards-compatibility thing still has me butt-hurt and refusing to buy one.


  7. I think I have to agree with the others and recommend the PS3. The exclusives are all worth the system on it’s own (God of War, Uncharted, Demon’s Souls, etc). Also, yeah you don’t need a PS3 sub to access the cool online features (like movie streaming). That’s a tough one though. I own X360 and PS3 just because I ….can’t not own all the games!!!!

    I *do* want a Wii though. I might get one for the family for Xmas.


  8. It really comes down to which games you would rather play on a console or that are exclusives. Personally I like Xbox for it games but generally when i think of buying a wii what appeals most to me is its extensive controls for a console. As for PS3, blue ray and a better overall graphic capabilities is nice. Btw Kinect sucks compared to the other motion sensor devices for consoles in terms of flexibility.


  9. PS3 every time no question. It’s the first thing I bought when I moved out of my parents’ place after college. It’s a better media server, a better media player, a better Netflix client (1080p streaming, better built-in app), don’t have to have a Gold membership for Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, etc.

    As far as games, it’s a wash as far as I’m concerned. I don’t give a crap about Halo.


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