Interesting Move, CCP

Way back in February, I was quoting Bullshitter in Chief, David Reid, on how Dust 514 could make EVE “the biggest game in the world at the end of 2012.” There are only 33 days left in the year for this to be theoretically possible, but nevermind.

At that time (and still currently), my questions focused on the “what the hell were they thinking with a PS3 exclusive” angle. The related followup question was how CCP planned to muscle into an already crowded FPS marketplace with a completely unknown IP (the FPS portion anyway); free-to-play will only get you so far, if no one knows about you.

Well, with all the game console browsing I have been doing lately, I have a partial answer:

Product Features

Platform: PLAYSTATION 3 | Edition: 250GB Uncharted 3: Game of the Year
  • The new 250GB PlayStation 3 System, with a built in Blu-Ray player, can hold over to 1800 Games, 140 Movies, 99,000 Songs, and 40,000 photos
  • The PlayStation 3 system includes a free PlayStation Network membership for online gaming, streaming movies and music, and access to the PlayStation Store
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition showcases Nathan Drake’s journey through new challenges and includes over $45 of Bonus Content
  • With a 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus, access your instant game collection and download from a free library of hit games. Save over $70 with the PlayStation 3/Uncharted 3 Game of the Year bundle
  • Dust 514, a free to play game available exclusively on the PlayStation Network, thrusts you into the explosive ground conflict of the EVE universe
  • Included with this PlayStation 3 bundle is a promotional code for your personal DUST 514 ordinance pack containing a 7-day active skill booster, a permanent Armored Personnel Carrier, an assortment of digital items, and 2,000 Aurum to spend on in-game gear, weapons and equipment. Over $30 in total value.

That’s right, somehow CCP got Sony to include $30 worth of item shop goods in the, er… PS3 Uncharted 3: Game of the Year bundle. Because nothing says sci-fi F2P FPS like a 3rd-person action game.

It is an interesting move, and certainly one that will garner some extra attention from whomever takes advantage of that bundle. I can’t help but get confused though, when it appears that the Dust 514 mention is missing from the other bundles like the 500gb Assassin’s Creed 3 and even the 320gb Uncharted 3 bundle. Did CCP only pay enough to get on the 250gb bundle instead of the 320gb? Surely there is no hardware difference, so did they just change their minds? Did Netflix out-bid them?

Regardless, I find myself even more intrigued by this unfolding drama than I was before. And, hey, now that I own a PS3 myself, I might actually go full gonzo and try it at some point.

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  1. I meant to play Dust at some point, since I got that in the bundle as well. I have to admit, I don’t really understand the “RPG Elements” aspect of newish FPS games…FPS to me says pick up and play ala Counterstrike.


    • I definitely feel the lure of progression in even FPS titles… as long as it’s reasonable. Battlefield 3? Reasonable. I liked the Assignments (aka Quest/Achievements) as they encouraged me to use certain weapons that I would not have otherwise equipped. Tribes: Ascend? Unreasonable. Even with the +50% bonus XP for spending money, it was going to take 30+ games to unlock even one weapon. Supposedly things have changed since I last played (weapons broken down into upgrades rather than lump sum), but it’s far, far too late.

      It does get a bit annoying when it seems like you start out with shitty equipment in every new FPS title you play, but I can kinda see why they’re going the route they are. If they tried more of a Counter-Strike model, wouldn’t they simply get beat by Counter-Strike?


  2. I’m thinking the PC FPS players who want a more MMO experience will be playing Planetside 2. So who knows, maybe going for the console market was a good move.


    • Maybe… it’d be competing with Tribes and Planetside in the F2P category for sure. However, they would have an automatic, ready-made audience in the form of EVE players, people interested in EVE but turned off by spreadsheets, and the entirety of the EVE social structures (Goons, Reddit, blogs, etc). Hell, could you imagine the number of players who would have both games open, so they could Alt-Tab over while mining/hauling?


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