Over the Hump

Okay, so maybe things aren’t looking all that grim after all.

Just like with FTL, and just like with PlanetSide 2, I have gotten over the WoW “dissatisfaction hump” to emerge on the other side. I am still annoyed with the pitiful AH situation and Blizzard’s related policy of indefinite realm life-support, but I am (finally) having some – dare I say it? – fun. It was a close thing, though. In fact, I feel somewhat guilty for rewarding game design that contains dissatisfaction humps at all.

As mentioned before, I started out playing my namesake paladin in Ret leveling mode. The rotation seemed unbearably clunky, and I wasn’t having fun. Indeed, it was not until yesterday that I started feeling comfortable hitting Exorcism on cooldown, instead of the much more elegant proc-rotation that Exorcism was tied to back in the day.

With that feeling “off,” I tried to transition to my Elemental shaman, mainly because she is my resource toon (Herbalism + Mining). The Elemental rotation hasn’t changed much, but Blizzard increased the missile speed of Lightning Bolt and somehow that was throwing me off all goddamn day. Well, that, and the fact that mobs were no longer dying in a single LBx2-FS-LvB rotation, meaning that I ended up having to hardcast several Lightning Bolts into mobs’ faces.

In a fit of desperation, I settled for my warrior, as she was the Blacksmith and thus the only toon capable of making some blue weapons.

Oh. My. God. Was this where Blizzard was hiding all the fun?

Simply put, the warrior was amazingly fun. Every 90 seconds I was rounding up 5+ mobs and Brostorming (ah, memories) them all to death. Even when I didn’t have the cooldowns up, I would frequently round up at least three mobs at a time because why not? Impending Victory, just like Victory Rush before it, turns the Hybrid Tax on its head with a cheap, 20% HP heal every mob death leading to an unending chain of corpses that ceases only when the zone is depopulated. Nevermind Charging every 12 seconds. Or how the stance redesign means you don’t have to worry about weaving stance requirements into all these cool buttons.

Hrgh. I kinda want to start playing right now

At the moment, I am back on the paladin simply because that character is my historical main. And, you know, I was informed about all these new BoA heirloom weapons and Az is the only toon with 500+ Archaeology. In fact, that is sort of where I am right now: spending probably 3 minutes reading about WoW for every minute playing. Which, of course, is exactly how I played the game for 4+ years.

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  1. I never played Warrior much, except for leveling one to 80, exclusively by tanking instances. I may have done some quests by accident in some fury (or was it arms?) spec, but with my main being a feral druid (and all the “optimal rotation” madness which goes with it), I tend to find other classes boring :P (even if I like Sub Rogue, very close to cat dps, and Frost Mage, for the sheer unkill-ability of it even if it’s cloth armor).

    BTW after your post of Planetside 2 I gave it a try, but I’m very overwhelmed and I find the controls clunky. My memories of FPS go back to Quake (with some Cube in instagib mode), so I find the whole thing a complete mess. But the graphics is stunning, and when I don’t feel like shooting around I take a plane and try to learn to fly by going around in random areas. I probably won’t stick long down there, but it’s not really a problem :) Ah, I think I have a kill/death ratio of 0.03 or something, but I don’t really care :P I feel happy for those whose k/d ratio I contributed to increase :)


    • Flying around is my favorite part of Ps2, honestly. I figured out that if my plane blows up before the cooldown expires (I’ve used Certs to bring it down from 15 min to 12 min or so), I can just log off that character and log onto one of my two throwaway toons on a different faction/server and go fly planes with their cooldown.

      But, yeah, the game is stupidly overwhelming at first.


  2. Instead of leading with LB on your shaman, go FS>UE>LvB>LB spam. It should work better overall for you. Also, depending on what your gear is like on your various characters, there are vendors here and there selling sets of greens that could be upgrades as well.


    • Hmm, I’ll try out that rotation. My Plan B for the shaman was going Enhancement, buying the vendor gear if necessary (I have a LWer too, so it’ll depend on the Leather prices on Auch… or if there is any available).


  3. I don’t know if LvB has a travel time but if it does you can open with LvB > FS > CL / ES (if 7 stacks). TS to knock back melee. Since you hardly ever pull one mob while leveling, LB isn’t used much. Of course it also depends on your gear (I was able to use my DS gear till level 87-89 and actually raided on my resto shaman alt with a DS HC 2set). UE shouldn’t be used unless you’re moving (you can also use the unleashed glyph for movement fights or if you like to kite). Keybind your totems and use them, they’re your swiss army knife.

    If you are not having fun on your main switching spec or even class is easier like it never was before. Almost all achievements are shared now. I found myself not enjoying any class anymore (I actually wanted to enjoy my main with its main spec but it is weak on fights and this won’t be fixed due to PvP balance), so I am taking a break, but I also did play quite a lot of WoW the past months and years.

    Speaking of switching and trying out something new. Have you tried monk? I have, and I found monk tanking quite a challenge.


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