The First of Many?

Had my first Cross-Realm Zone fail on Tuesday night.

It was around 11:30pm when I was doing some last-minute AH shopping before logging off, that I saw the “LFM Sha” in Trade Chat. I whispered the guy and asked if he really thought he’d get enough people at this late an hour (on this dead realm of all places). He seemed reasonably confident, so I joined. Soon enough, I witnessed the source of his confidence: you can apparently form cross-realm raid groups to fight world bosses.

I was shocked. Yeah, I knew CRZ was a thing, and I knew you could group with cross-realm people. But raids on world bosses? I am not sure of the mechanics of the inviting process, whether he had friends log onto alts on other realms and advertise in Trade or whatever, but we had 40 people in less than ten minutes. It almost makes me wonder why Blizzard even bothers with world bosses under this paradigm – it felt just like an LFR system minus the automation.

Definitely configuring Grid next time.

Definitely configuring Grid next time.

The fight went fine, with the Sha dying just slightly faster than the raid wipe well in process. I died in the final moments and elected to not release just to be sure; TBC has a way of carving archaic rulesets into one’s permanent memory. I received the purple box, made an extra roll via Elder Charm, and received a thoroughly inadequate sum of gold. At this point, I released and started running back. “So and So is attempting to resurrect you.” Accepting the (Mass) Resurrection, I prepared to loot the quest item from the corpse… what the hell? The Sha has respawned?!

The Sha appeared to be alive and well, with nary a corpse to be seen. I imagine what happened was that those of us on Auchindoun had been pulled into someone else’s realm and defeated the Sha there. I am not sure whether the transition back to Auch was due to accepting the rez, or the person whose realm the Sha died on leaving the raid, or whatever else. Bottom line: no quest item, and no way to even determine where the raid boss’s body I just killed was located.

"Average Wait Time: 2 Days, 50 minutes."

It’s been 24 hours since then, and the queue has moved 4 minutes.

My guild mate and I put in our tickets, but it remains to be seen whether CustServ will honor our requests. Well, not Joeses’ request, but perhaps mine. Regardless, I suppose the CRZ mechanic made the kill possible (and the chance at random loot) where it would not have happened otherwise. Of course, so would simply putting the world boss in a more formal LFR setting. All the CRZ seemed to do in this instance was introduce novel ways of getting screwed.

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  1. There’s quite a few bug or strange side effects with world bosses yes. What you wrote here was known long ago already btw but I appreciate your honest journalism on your experience (although the specific bug you state I didn’t experience).

    Let me clarify about world bosses x-realm:

    Sha of Fear: You can do x-realm, and your first kill of the week is eligible for loot (you can also only use charm once for Sha). You’ll move to the realm with the highest amount of level 90s. So having a friend on realID/battletag from a high pop realm is in your advantage. It is even in the advantage of people on your realm to have such contacts, and have you as friend if you do (due to alliance vs. horde conflict and also since playing on a dead realm with no raiding community). Be aware in order to loot the body you need to still be in the raid group. Raid leader must not kick you, people must leave by the masses so an other realm becomes dominant. Releasing or accepting mass res generally shouldn’t kick you back to your realm and if they do they shouldn’t be the reason of it; it’d be coincidence.

    Galleon: You can do x-realm (works same as Sha), but he will NOT drop any loot if you are in CRZ. It will only drop loot for those on their native realm. You can still have epic PvP battles and help friends (anecdotal). In case you didn’t know the chance Galleon respawns right after server reset (tuesday in US, wednesday in EU) is incredibly high at least on my realm. He’s usually up 15-20 min after server reset.


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