Good Guy EA?

What. What.

That's like... totally worth a dollar.

That’s like… totally worth a dollar.

Is EA about to discontinue Origin or something? Dead Space 3 for one dollar. You would be hard-pressed to find Mirror’s Edge on sale for $1, let alone a AAA (or at least BBB) game that just came out 6 months ago. And there are like six more games! Getting BF3 or Sims 3 for ~$5 is sort of a trap, considering how much important DLC is available, but good lord.

Yeah, yeah, I know EA is handing out the first hit for practically free just to rope more people into the Origin client. But then again, A) EA is giving their share of the money to charity (they aren’t even listed as an option, actually), and B) most of the games have Steam codes in addition to the Origin codes. So you could technically sell your extra codes to other people, if they couldn’t afford to purchase the bundle themselves for one dollar.

If this is somehow the new face of EA evil… well, we’re doing pretty good for ourselves.

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  1. Could this be a PR move in response to the Sim City fiasco? Might be a stretch, but what better way to re-establish some street cred with your base?


    • I doubt it’s just because of the SimCity fiasco, but I imagine that it definitely helps rebuild bridges. There were all sorts of threads on Reddit about being cautiously optimistic regarding this EA move. So, it’s worked… for the moment.


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