I mean, of course it did.

I mean, of course it would.

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  1. Cue the wave of MMO blogger requests! Glad it actually worked though. All of those other card game reviews set you up for this pretty nicely I think.

    Expecting full report Monday!


  2. Three cheers for the freedom of the press!


  3. Glad to see you got in. I dropped a note to an acquaintance at Blizzard a few days ago asking if they had a spare key for you (they didn’t reply, though, so I won’t take credit). Now update your Playing section! :)


    • I appreciate the gesture, although I’m unsure as to what I did to deserve it! I don’t recognize the name…

      The key I ended up receiving appears to be due to Zeriyah forwarding my Press™ email to the Hearthstone PR contact. Given the “From Press™ /giggles” in the forwarded email, it seems my carefully crafted plans offbeat and sincere humor worked again.


      • Ha, told you Zeriyah was the person to message. =P

        She also said there will be a new beta wave this Tuesday. Hopefully its a sizable one and I can get lucky for once.


  4. Grats, man! Now Hex needs to get their beta out. The age of digital CCGs is dawning!


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