Subject: Hearthstone Beta Press™ Request


My name is    nice try, NSA        , aka Azuriel, and I run a gaming blog called In An Age ( that has a focus on PC games. While the topic of my posts varies between what I’m playing, to game reviews, to MMO design critiques, I am especially passionate about my Beta Impression posts. I have wrote beta impressions about WoW expansions, Guild Wars 2, Darkfall, Card Hunter, and more. In fact, I just completed two more within the last week: Scrolls and SolForge.

I would be extremely honored if you allowed me to add Hearthstone to that list. By letting me in the Hearthstone beta. As a member of the Press™.

In return, I can promise you a minimum of one (1) brutally honest Beta Impression post, and possibly dozens more if the game is as amazing as it looks. In fact, since I would likely spend money in the store for the tournaments (as investigative journalism), you could almost say that I’m paying you for free advertising. Just think: a Hearthstone article by me could be seen by hundreds (!) of people! That’s a PR coup if I’ve ever seen one.

In any case, I want to thank you for your time, and stalwart support of the blogging community. Your willingness to give members of the Press™ (such as myself) beta keys is an inspiration to us all. Hopefully.

Shamefully yours,

don’t doxx me, bro  (aka Azuriel)

P.S. If you ever need to fill a slot on a Press™ tour of Blizzard HQ or on the WoW dev team, I am available.

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  1. Let us now the result! :P


  2. Send an email/tweet to @CM_Zeriyah if you havn’t already. That seems to be the official contact for this sort of thing.

    Based on past results this blog has a good chance to qualify you.

    (And if you get a key because of this feel free to reward the messenger here) -.o


    • Thanks for the tip. If I somehow get in, and assuming they give me addition keys, I will definitely return the favor.

      In the meantime, I technically have some Card Hunter beta keys…


      • I’ve been following Hearthstone Beta pretty closely since it started . Zeriyah seems to have been doing a great job with checking her email and sifting through the flood of spam/lame requests so far.

        I’ll pass on the Card Hunter keys for now though =)


      • Please do feel free to send one of those keys in my direction :) I’d like to test the game as I just dumped Kings and Legends (which is actually a lot more bad than it seems at first sight), so I actually have some time. TIA :)


      • Sent you an email, Helistar. Assuming it’s the one you’re using for comments.


      • Got the key, ty :)


  3. have wrote?


  4. Wait, wait, it never even occurred to me to write people all media(tm)-like to request beta. This is a good idea.


  5. Contacted Blizzard PR over a week ago for a press copy, never got back to me. Such a shame, was looking forward to writing up some content!
    Either way, nice in-depth review of it. Also keyed me into balance issues I wasn’t quite expecting with Blizzard. But I guess that’s what Beta is for!


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