500 + 3

This is post number 500. And we’re six days away from my three-year blogging anniversary: December 1st, 2010.



Included in these figures are the posts I imported from Player Vs Auction House, which was my initial foray into the world of internet punditry. If you want to count only those posts from In An Age for some bizarre, technical reason, then the starting point would be the Culpability of Questionable Design post on 8/25/2011. Which, incidentally, still feels like forever ago… probably because there are 419 posts between then and now.

In any case, thanks for sticking around. I don’t plan on going anywhere, so see you at post number 1,000 and all the ones inbetween.

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  1. Congratulations! I hit 500 just a couple weeks ago. It’s kinda weird to think that we’ve been blogging this long.


  2. I’ll give you the traditional congratulations I give most other people on their blogaversary: lol, n00b.

    Although, I’m only just barely past 650 posts even though my blog has been around a lot longer. Perhaps I should post more. ;)

    Have fun!


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