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In the midst of phat beats the Smedster was laying down yesterday, there were a few random facts I didn’t want to let slip through the cracks.

In practice, our primary job is making fun games. That always comes first. PS2 was a $25M investment. (source)

It is pretty rare that we get to see how much a game costs directly from a knowledgeable source.

Player Studio items – let me make this simple. We excluded them because we didn’t like the idea of giving away someone else’s item. The player who made it would get no revenue in that case because it’s a free item. We are considering just eating the cost of this. Either way we are likely going to allow Player Studio items. (source)

In case you were wondering about the “eating the cost” comment for Player Studio items. Here is a bigger drop though:

We’re in the middle of developing Everquest Next Landmark (on schedule right now for end of this month). We rebooted the game 3 times. It was a massive delay and it hurt us financially. But it was the right thing to do for us, and for the industry. Most importantly you all are going to get to play something we’re very proud of and we think is a whole lot of fun. (source)

Emphasis added. So… the weird sort of “marketing” surrounding EQN:L is starting to make sense. Namely, SOE didn’t know what the hell they were doing either. That’s almost comforting. But a little scary too, considering it appears as though SOE is going to be leaning on EQN:L for financial stability.

We’ll have to see how it plays out, but for my part, I am liable to start my SOE subscription back up once I can start playing EQN:L given how I’ll likely be getting PlanetSide 2 bonuses as well.

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  1. “But a little scary too, considering it appears as though SOE is going to be leaning on EQN:L for financial stability.”

    I suppose that’s a fair glass-half-empty read. The glass-half-full read is that SOE is allowing the most dedicated early adopters to finance the development of the real EQN by offering the opportunity to pay to use the player-generated-content test server. (At least, that’s my general understanding of EQNL?)

    It’s almost as if instead of releasing FFXIV 1.0 and taking all the bad press, Square had released it branded as FFXIV-L to finance the ongoing development of the eventually well-received FFXIV 2.0.


    • Right, but they rebooted the test server three times, not EQN. Although since one is based on the tools of the other, I suppose that it’s debatable.


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