Quotes of the Time Interval

I am a particular fan of well-crafted treatises, clever turns of phrases, and compelling wordsmithing in general. And in that regard, it’s been a good week:

People tended not to cause too much trouble at the cultist areas in Silithus. We all had stuff to do and some of that stuff involved fighting things that could easily kill us. This meant that we didn’t want a fight, but if one started, we weren’t going to waste time trying to do any more PvE. It instantly escalated into a full-scale war. We didn’t need any sand for that, just something we wanted to do and someone getting in the way of us doing it.

Klepsacovic delivered in that last sentence something more profound than ten-thousand PvP forum posts. Blizzard has been attempting to recapture the lightning for years with successively unsuccessful variations of the sand mechanic, with seeming little regard as to why people chose to fight over the sand in the first place. Namely, they didn’t. Fights chose them, and they chose to meet halfway. No amount of gank-friendly daily quests will bring back vanilla PvP if the players themselves have lost the taste for blood.

So there I am, back home in Abella Cove. The rent’s paid til the end of the world. I’m not going anywhere. Ever again.

With the heroic stoicism of a Norse god staring down Ragnarok, Bhagpuss spins a tale about player housing in Vanguard that almost makes me wish I had played the doomed MMO just so I could lose something in solidarity.

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  1. One thing that’s changed since Vanilla is that players have become more focused. I see this in myself. No longer will I log on and be satisfied just to sit and wait for something to happen. Whatever was going on back in Silithus with the cultists wasn’t really that important, so when PVP gets in your face you might as well do that. That isn’t the case today, people will just take the death so they can get back to killing the next rare or whatever.

    You see the same thing with BGs like AV. People say they want to go back to hours long AVs, but what they fail to consider is that such an AV would be empty. People are simply past the point where they can be happy wasting time. Either we’ve changed, or opportunity costs are too high.


    • That’s definitely what I was getting at. I came into the game during TBC, and while there were the occasional Halaa fights, most people were out in the world for a particular reason. Ganking was at a minimum even on the Elemental Plateau because it simply wasn’t worth it; the only people engaging in PvP were those specifically looking to ruin someone’s day. Otherwise, you were far better off farming motes somewhere else.


  2. It is exactly that – the apathy about world PvP which I will admit to feeling myself – that fills me with foreboding about TESO, which I am otherwise interested in trying. Zenimax have bet the farm on the appeal of its mixed PvE/PvP zone in Cyrodiil.


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