“Explicit schedule of villainy”

Props to Zubon of Kill Ten Rats for the coining of a new phrase in regards to Guild Wars 2’s timetable for dynamic events: “explicit schedule of villainy.” No, seriously:

This is just a snip; it continues on for 3 pages.

This is just a snip; it continues on for 3 pages.

“Oh, 7pm? I’m just in time for the Megadestroyer!” Read that in a faux British accent for maximum effect. I also appreciate how they gave us a generous 15 minutes inbetween world-destroying bosses. “You too can save the world four times an hour, on the hour!” Japanese train conductors would be so proud.

That said, I am actually somewhat interested in ArenaNet’s April not-an-expansion expansion. I decided to give TESO a pass (technically I’m gambling on a Press™ copy) but just the thought of character progression of sorts was tempting me to boot up some MMO or another¹. GW2 is free, so why not, right? Titanfall has scuttled the plans for the time being, but maybe soon.

Well, provided I have enough hard drive space

¹ The Secret World is still installed, actually, and I still play it from time to time. I consider that a single-player RPG though. Still, it is 40gb…

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  1. You’ll be fine. GW2 takes up only ~23gb or so.

    I haven’t decided my reaction either way to the explicit schedule of villainy. I see pluses in that I never check the APIs on a regular basis and tend not to do world bosses right now, whereas I’ll probably be more likely to show my face when the schedule is more defined. I also see why folks with limited time to play would be complaining of lack of variety in their daily world boss runs. I’m kinda just waiting to see how it plays out.


    • You’ll be fine. GW2 takes up only ~23gb or so.
      That’s good. Because after installing Titanfall, I have 22.98gb of space left.

      As for the schedule, I don’t actually have a problem with it per se. I just hate missing an opportunity to dig at the whole “dynamic events” thing, which I have done since before the game even came out. Somehow, it does feel a bit more… I don’t even know the term. Nakedly Skinner Box? Other games have weekly raid boss resets and such, but this does feel like a train schedule.


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