Hearthstone Naxx Pricing

Can I make a post via bluetooth keyboard on the deck of a beach condo with my smartphone getting 2 bars of signal? Let’s find out!

Anyway, as you may or may not know by now, Blizzard released the official Naxx mini-expansion pricing scheme for Hearthstone. Needless to say, it’s a bit convoluted. As promised, the first wing is free to everyone… who logs in sometime during the first month. The other wings are 700g apiece, or $6.99 each. Unless of course you buy them at bundled prices, which knocks it down to roughly $5 per wing.

I honestly don’t know what to think about these prices. A daily quest will reward you with 50g on average (40g is the lowest + 3 wins is 10g) so it sorta makes sense to tie things to two weeks of dailies per wing. Since the wings are going to be gated to one per week already, this means you will have a slight pressure to either purchase the later wings or fall behind, but not by too much. And this sort of assumes there won’t be any gold rewards for actually beating any of the bosses (which could go either way).

But the thing I come back to is, of course, the opportunity cost. A booster pack is 100g. So, basically it costs 7 booster per wing to unlock, with the total being 28 boosters (2800g). The lowest RMT cost of packs is $2.99 for 2 boosters. The cost of unlocking all of Naxx assuming you log on post-patch is $19.99, which is the same price as 15 boosters.

So… yeah. Depending on whether or not you are morally opposed to spending any money on a F2P* title, it seems as though your choice is either spending $20 or grinding out the equivalent of $40 worth of boosters. I can’t check my Hearthstone account at the moment, but I have around 1400g saved up, I think. Even though I am halfway there, I am not entirely sure I want to commit to a month or more of dailies all to save money and end up getting $20 less boosters.

Perhaps this is  exactly why the pricing is so convoluted in the first place; Blizzard accountants working their dark magic to get people on the fence to pony up the cash. But Jesus Christ, man, remember those days when you didn’t have to do differential calculus to figure out if something was worth buying? I suppose the good part is that I’ll be able to see if the rest of Naxx is worth getting based on the free wing first.

Then again, anyone who doesn’t end up getting all 5 wings is just going to be hosed in Constructed Ranked play. Unless, of course, Blizzard has made the expansion cards perfectly balanced and optional and not power-creep-y at all.

Yeah, about that.

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  1. IMHO, spending $20 to unlock the expansion isn’t a terrible a price point. Given the amount of time I’ve recently spent playing HS, investing that much money is not a big deal for me. Heck, I spent $50 on Wildstar and played it a whole 3 days…

    While I’ve yet to spend real cash on boosters, spending real money on games you enjoy and play a lot does not bother me. It’s a way to support the game and signal your approval for continued development.

    My questions about Naxx, how do you get the new cards? This has not been entirely clear for me. Are they only earned via defeating wings? Or will some cards be mixed into packs, in essence forcing the continued practice of buying new packs? If cards are only earned by defeating the wings, that would be great. However, I find it hard to believe Blizz will do that. Most serious HS players have most of the cards, sure there are some legendaries missing but new packs quite often don’t provide much. I’d imagine Blizz has to make a way for packs to continue to be attractive, and not just for gold cards.


    • All of the new cards are from defeating the various bosses; no boosters necessary. The cards will be inserted randomly into the Arena “boosters” though, no matter whether you own the expansion or not.

      I have a weird thing with F2P games and spending money that goes way back. It gets a little more complicated though, considering I haven’t played Hearthstone in about a month and a half.


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