Sometimes I Really Hate Bioware

So hey, there is another sale on Origin right now – pretty much the entire EA catalog (all six games) is reduced by 50% or more. Know what isn’t reduced in price though? Goddamn Mass Effect DLC:

For god's sake, Bioware, get your shit together.

For god’s sake, Bioware, get your shit together.

That’s right, you can buy the entire Mass Effect franchise for $15. If you want to get all the canon DLC though, that will be an additional $64. For a 2+ year old game. For DLC that has never been on sale.

At this point I can no longer tell if Bioware is just stupid, or evil, or what. Is the nefarious plan to rope in new players at the $15 price-point and then squeeze the $64 out of the few who become super-enamored with the game? Or is the marketing department asleep at the wheel (or fired) and they just never got around to running the numbers on having a Bioware point sale? Or, you know, migrating from the goddamn ridiculous point system like every other game company?

I suppose the good news is that Casey Hudson, project director for KOTOR and the entire Mass Effect series, left Bioware last week. While I still have some sour grapes (more like sour raisins at this point) over the ME3 ending debacle, the fleshed-out endings went a long way in regaining my trust. I do not idolize content creators as a rule – individual works are the only thing that deserves respect – but this move makes it more likely that Bioware will be left with games I won’t be compelled to play, thereby making it easier to both hate them and not give them money simultaneously.

But seriously, Bioware, put that goddamn Mass Effect DLC on sale and I will buy it.

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  1. That’s insane. They should just go the old Diablo 2 route and force bundle the entire series plus DLC into a single retail/downloadable package and discontinue the rest.

    At least then when I get screwed on an old game I do still save a few bucks.


    • I know, right? It’s bizarre how they will go ahead bundle the entire franchise together, including the original Mass Effect DLC, but nothing for ME2 or ME3. Maybe we’ll see some “ultimate” collection at some point, but man, how long are we going to have to wait? Until ME4?


  2. What makes you think Bioware has any control over stuff like that rather than EA? From EA’s perspective, they want to get you to buy the game cheaply and then gouge you on DLC — razor and blade model.


  3. I’m pretty mad about this too. When I first played ME3 I didn’t have any dlc (I don’t think it was out yet), so I wanted to get it all for my replay. When I saw the prices -$15 for most of them – it seemed pretty outrageous. I did go ahead and buy a few of the better reviewed ones, but I wasn’t happy about it.


  4. Maybe the marketing department is asleep at the wheel, or maybe the DLC still sells really well at full price and EA sees no reason to prevent those buyers from giving them more money…


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