Stubborn (PvP) Principles

I have not been playing Wildstar for months, but I try and keep abreast of its various developments. The most recent was a disabling of the free realm transfers ahead of the incoming megaserver merge. It was later clarified on Reddit that the free realm transfers would be coming back once everything is stabilized… but only for PvP –> PvE transfers. Some player, clearly new to the MMO scene [Edit: or used to WoW] , asked the bright-eyed question of “Why?” InRustTrust helpfully explained the hitherto ironclad logic:

The restriction is, and always has been, purely because the people on PvP servers don’t want you to just level up your character in complete peace, obtain all the gear they competed over and free of the ganking they had to endure, and merely transfer past all that. I don’t know why this is ever shocking to anyone. It’s like this in practically every MMO and the reason is always the same.

I say “hitherto” because A) I like fancy words, and B) does that explanation strike anyone else as increasingly asinine?

It is certainly true that such a rule strikes a chord of fairness. But what are we really saying here? What are the developers committing to? There are precisely two megaservers in North America, with a one-way funnel between them; any server transfer is basically a permanent loss for the PvP megaserver. So anyone who originally joined their friends on a PvE server only to lose them, now has to sate their frustrated bloodthirst in battleground queues. Or anyone who wasn’t sure whether they could stand it, or anyone who didn’t originally know the difference, or anyone looking for a change in scenery, or for any number of reasons. Including, I’m sure, X amount who wanted to level in peace but are itching to gank lowbies.

Would it be unfair? I ask… who cares?

No, seriously, just think about it. Are we really regarding leveling up on a PvP server as some kind of rite of passage? That you cannot gank lowbies unless you yourself were a lowbie to be ganked? It spawns all sorts of interesting questions. For example, I leveled up on the PvP no-pop server of Auchindoun in WoW. There were a few ganks along the way, sure, but my experience had to be night-and-day different from someone who leveled up on a High-pop PvP server. Am I “worthy” of the same “respect” as those who had it worse?

I mean, principles are great and all, and I recommend everyone having a few. But on occasion I also recommend examining them and seeing if they are still relevant to your interests. Having a PvE –> PvP server restriction is 100% arbitrary and I can’t see what real benefit it brings, especially when PvP servers are historically the most empty to begin with. Can Wildstar really afford to turn away geared endgame players from possibly generating endgame shenanigans on PvP servers? “It’s not fair!” So add an achievement: Leveled On A PvP Server [+10].

It’s a PvP server, people, everyone should be falling over themselves getting more (carebear) targets to transfer. Right? The sanctity of the hazing ritual that is leveling on these servers is not sacrosanct. The PvP person who would quit over this clearly was not interested in a world PvP endgame. The only people you have to watch out for would be the lowbies who might see an increase in getting ganked… but then again that is precisely what they signed up for in the first place. Arguably those masochists would like it even more.

So come on, Carbine, be the first (?) next to put this sacred cow out to pasture.

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  1. You post is wonderfull. It makes me realise there is three type of PvP server players : the sheep, the wolves and the sadistic.
    – the wolf like to fight other wolf, defend its territory, or hunt the sheep
    – the sheep want to calmly eat its PvE grass. It may or may not like the to play the wolf prey – some think that add liveliness to the game, other support it because they find the PvE tasty.
    – the sadistic only want to make other suffer. He hate being the prey but as suffered the whole low-level play only for the joy of no longer being the prey. He love to think he is a wolf. He will be the guy that will fight the PvE to PvP server transfer

    The wolf do not care the transfers : he either enjoyed being the underdog during the first levels, or will hapilly skip it. The sheep does not care either : he is not interested in PvP or love trying to avoid the wolves. Only the sadistic will suffer : suddenly people he can chase will no longer suffer (they have chosen this) and all its own suffering will no longer have any value.

    I will be happy if sadistic will no longer be able to enjoy other people suffering… I do not think it is a healthy part of any game – or any society.


  2. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it completely arbitrary, but considering (as you correctly point out) how these things play out with PvP server pops being so low, it doesn’t matter all that much overall.

    Personally, I am tired of PvP servers existing at all. Or RP ones, for that matter. Once upon a time, these different types of servers had some very different rulesets in other games. Over time, that has been completely lost, and we’d be better off just name servers with a hashtag representing the preferred player type.

    #GankFest would probably still be underpopulated though …


  3. With regards to your distinction between leveling on a low-pop and a high-pop PvP server, another big difference would be between leveling on one where your faction had a massive numerical advantage, compared to one which was balanced, or where you were disadvantaged.


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