SSD Failure

Yeah, so, my main SSD up and died earlier tonight. You know, the one with Windows installed on it. And the one with the extra Windows partition, to make reinstalling easier. Just a quick BSOD followed by the BIOS no longer recognizing the drive. No other warning whatsoever.

While I did manage to make a frantic trip out to Best Buy to get another SSD in some insane fantasy that’d I’d be able to play videogames tonight, I was instead presented with the cruelest of ironies: you can reinstall Windows from the disk, but not the driver necessary to get on the Internet. I can’t even begin to imagine how that makes sense. Nor why it’s so goddamn difficult to have single, centralized place to download said driver (from another computer, if course). “Check your computer manufacturer.” Uh, it was custom-built; not like I can go to Dell or Apple’s website here. I did manage to figure it out, inexplicably, and shall henceforth seed my house with USB sticks with said drivers upon them.

The silver lining here is that the original SSD was only 64gb, mainly used for the OS, and thus my 500gb data drive remained intact. The new SSD is 480gb because why the fuck not, so once I preform the necessary blood rituals getting evening reinstalled, I might just migrate my Steam folder over.

In any case, here is your monthly reminder to back up your files. And your drivers.

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  1. Yes, I know the feeling. After having one of my windows install go banana and finding out that I needed to download the driver to connect to the internet, I now have a backup on USB of all the MB/video/etc. drivers needed in case of reinstall.
    (BTW for me it was a lot easier, I just rebooted in linux and I downloaded from there)


  2. Strange, I’ve done a few fresh installs off older Win7 discs and never had the internet issue (had to directly plug the modem into the computer, no wireless). Do you just have really old Windows discs or am I missing something here?

    And yea, having all of Steam on an SSD is freaking amazing. I also went from a 64gb to 480gb SSD, and it’s just so nice not having to pick between drives and just the general speed difference from a standard to an SSD.


    • I think it was because it’s not a full Windows disk, but just a recovery one. Then again, that doesn’t really explain anything either. Ugh. I consider myself good with computers… unless there’s an Internet issue.

      Sad thing is that I had been looking at replacing the drive for a bigger one for a while now. Kept waiting for prices to match last Black Friday’s deals. Oh well. One I’m back up and running, I might just buy a 970 card as well. In for a penny, and all that.


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