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[Blaugust Day 18]

Amazon’s Appstore is atrocious garbage. And it thereby saved me from giving them (and Blizzard) another $50 for Hearthstone.

See, there is a deal going on right now for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion: 50 packs for $50. The current store offering is 40 packs for $50 or 60 packs for $70. Basically, with this deal you can get packs at $1 apiece instead of $1.17. Alternatively, if you download Hearthstone from the Amazon Appstore, then you can pay for packs and such using Amazon Coins. Which at one point were on sale for 5000 for $40 (20% off). And then if you waited until Amazon ran their other Coin promotion, you could get 10% Coins back, which then could be used to immediately purchase additional packs. The “example” Amazon uses is how $90 buys 87 packs versus 70 packs from Google Play.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the state of our lives when we start considering how good a deal it is to spend $90 on a technically “F2P” game.

The bottom line is that Hearthstone will not install from the Amazon Appstore for me, and I need that version because you can’t spend Amazon Coins for packs otherwise. It will download the 660 MB file, start the install, and then hang (progress bar just cycles) until the install fails. I’ve followed all the incredibly helpful troubleshooting like “clear the cache” and “restart the phone,” up to and including both emailing Amazon for assistance and chatting with their representatives in Chhindwara or wherever, to no avail. I deleted my Google Play version of Hearthstone already – which, incidentally, works – so I know there is no conflict there. Hearthstone is not labeled as an option on the Amazon Appstore on my tablet. I even tried one of those Android emulators a few weeks ago when they were offering free packs to Samsung owners, but apparently my PC is one of those which needs a BIOS edit to mimic some setting or whatever.

So… fuck it. Nobody gets my money.

…in this particular instance. I’ll still buy Hearthstone Adventures as they release, and if Amazon delivered groceries to my area I might not ever step outside. But when it comes to this specific scenario, I… bite my thumb at you, Amazon Appstore.

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  1. I’m so tempted to buy the pre-order deal but I have to resist. They’re releasing expansions and adventures so fast I was beginning to spend more on this than I did on WoW. And I could justify $80 toward packs if that got me the full expansion but it doesn’t come close. I spent $80 on packs when GvG was released, I’m still missing a ton of cards and they’re already moving on to the next expansion.

    I still think packs should have more then 5 cards but that’s a different topic.

    I can see myself falling further and further behind the curve until I just give up. I think this is partly why I prefer the Tavern Brawls with the pre-built decks.

    Release dates FYI … just about every 6 months I’m spending money.
    Nax July 2014
    GvG Dec 2014
    Blackrock April 2015
    GT August 2015


    • Damn, was Blackrock really just released four months ago?!

      It’s a weird line that Blizzard is riding here. I agree with you that it certainly feels accelerated release-wise. At the same time, it’s practically a glacier pace when compared to, say, Magic: the Gathering which releases a core set + 3 expansions every year. This current block was July 2014, Sept 2014, Jan 2015, March 2015 (!!), and the 2015 core set came out July 2015. The Core sets have a lot of duplicates from year to year, but otherwise that’s… 967 cards according to the Wiki entry. Nearly 1,000 cards a year.

      Makes me curious as to the difference in feeling. Possibly that Hearthstone is ostensibly a F2P game? If you’re into Magic, dropping $50 every few months would be practically a steal. If Hearthstone is “just” a F2P app though, that sounds insane.

      In any case, I’m still tempted by the deal, but then again, there are only about 10-15 cards that interest me from TGT.


      • “If Hearthstone is “just” a F2P app though, that sounds insane.”

        Yeah, and it’s driving people like me away. To be fair, I haven’t paid a dime of RL money so I doubt Blizzard is shedding any tears.

        But initially, I could do the quests once in a while and do both ranked/arena play. Nothing really serious but got up to rank 11 I think one time without actually trying. Was at a disadvantage due to lacking some rare/epic/legendary cards but I managed.

        Then Naxx came out — fine, I had saved the gold, got the new “free” cards (including a good legendary or two)…but I was still slightly farther behind than I was to start. Then GvG came out…and I still don’t have Dr. Balanced. Got Blackrock with gold but you get the picture — each new release gets me farther and farther behind outside of arena, at least. And while I’ll often win at least 7 games in Arena, paying back my entry cost…on average I still lose gold over time outside of quests.

        So it’s disheartening and making me less interested in playing at all.


    • The problem with GVG was that the rarities were distributed way out of proportion to the actual occurrence rate in packs, so you ended up rather quickly with packs of all extra commons and maybe a useful rare.


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