Legion PvP Equality

[Blaugust Day 19]

Remember all those PvP questions we had last time? Well, Blizzard answered most of them:

  • There won’t be gear with Resilience, PvP Power, dual item levels, or gear specifically made for PvP.
  • When you enter a battleground or arena, the game will set your stats from your spec, not your gear. This means all of your stats will come from a template specific to your spec. If one spec isn’t doing well in PvP, their spec’s template can be tuned individually.
  • Trinkets, set bonuses, and enchants will not be active in PvP.
  • The CC break trinket has become very important in PvP, so adding it as a PvP talent will offset the loss of active trinkets. There will be some other options in that row that might be useful, such as reducing CC times by 20%.

This is an incredibly bold move, even if other games have done it before. I mean, we have had PvP gear purchasable with currency since at least Season 2 in TBC, more than half of the game’s entire lifespan. I am not super convinced that the PvP “progression” system of unlocking talents will actually motivate people to queue on the same scale as normal PvP gear (especially in Arena), but I applaud the gumption just the same.

Plus, just imagine how many less botters there will be. Some might stick around simply because someone else will pay real dollars to skip “grinding” talents too, but the time difference is likely to be staggeringly less.

That said, Blizzard decided to continue answering questions and thereby ruin everything they just built up:

  • The team hasn’t decided exactly what they are going to do with the Human racial. They could leave it alone and offer a different talent in that row to Humans. The racial plus the new options could be too good.

At this point, I am convinced that Blizzard is tip-toeing around the Human racial issue simply because they see how many race change sales it generated and they’re afraid of poking the bear. The fact that the Human racial is the only one we’re having this discussion about should be somewhat of an indication for how stupidly powerful it is, and thus should be changed. You have already disabled trinkets generally (!), just disable racials; these half-measures are only going to make Humans even more dominate.

  • As you get better gear, your stats are increased a smaller amount. For example, every 5 item levels may give you a 1% stat increase. This way gear still will increase your power, but it won’t give you a huge advantage.
  • There are plans for players to be able to get great gear from PvP, but it may not be as easy as it is today. It may be easier for high rated players to get better gear than more casual players.
  • You won’t have to raid to get the best gear for PvP.


Why? Why? No, really, Blizzard why? Of what possible value do the designers see in completely removing PvP gear from the equation, going so far as to disable trinkets and enchants and set bonuses… but then keeping this token level of item scaling? You already have “templates” to make gear irrelevant, just use those. In the land of equal stats, the +1%er is king. Unless you are handing out raid-level gear to PvPers, it will be considered “raid or die” to all players who are remotely competitive. And I don’t see how giving PvE raid-level gear to those to score high in Arena is going to be particularly palatable in the other direction.

Do you know what happens when you try and split a baby? A bloody mess, that’s what.

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  1. “As you get better gear, your stats are increased a smaller amount. For example, every 5 item levels may give you a 1% stat increase. This way gear still will increase your power, but it won’t give you a huge advantage.”

    This is really great. Blizzard are honestly just incredible at producing this. I mean, really, this is the development team that started with fairly normal stat growth and ilvl inflation for all of Vanilla and most of TBC, went a bit further in Wrath and then decided to say “fuck it, have 40ilvls between every tier” from Cata onwards, all because “people won’t raid if the stat gains aren’t big enough”. I mean, truly, a design team would have to be insane to let gear last more than 3 months, right? And now we’re back to the actual, sensible option of having tiny stat growth and trying to make people play the content for its own sake.

    Maigcal, truly magical. I can’t wait for this new philosophy to carry over to raiding.


    • Yeah, it’s bad and I have no idea why Blizzard thinks it’s worthwhile to do at all. Maybe they think that PvP rewarding PvE gear to PvPers only “makes sense” if those items resulted in slightly stronger stats? If it was completely flat scaling, getting a raid-level item would be no different than a green items from a trash mob.

      This “compromise” is going to end in tears.


  2. I guess the only saving grace is that we are in Alpha (pre-Alpha? pre-F&F? *who-knows shrug*) and things could change drastically in the next 6 months. It’s also the best time to get early input in, point out problems, etc., because you can actually have an impact. Hopefully.


  3. With gear still giving PVP strength and the statement that you won’t have to raid to get the best gear for PVP, either they are giving out mythic level gear in PVP or something wasn’t communicated right. If they did give out mythic level gear in PVP then they’re setting themselves up for a colossal hissy fit from raiders who lose it at the idea of anything being “required” that isn’t raiding.


  4. If data shows that it really is because of the racial, then by all means nerf it, remove it or alter things in a way to rectify it. But no matter what anyone tells me, racials don’t account for giving a damn. No race equality for you you orc.


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