For those who might be interested, here you go:

That should link you to a nigh-exhaustive list of all the anime (and manga) I have watched and remembered to write down over the years. While I will continue to actually write reviews in the future, I feel like that list will be good enough for a lot of those shows, especially the older ones. In other words, if we have similar interests and you want some recommendations, just sort the list by Score and work your way down.

As far as the scoring system itself, I had an internal rubric going, but I’m realizing that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense outside of my head. For example, is Serial Experiments Lain really a 9, above even Death Note? Well, Lain blew my mind back 2002 when I watched it, so that’s how I remember it. Chances are Lain would score lower if I rewatched it, or if I watched it for the first time after having seen Death Note. So just keep that in mind.

In light of that, it’s best to read my scores this way:

  • 10-8: I really liked these shows, they made me feel something, go watch them.
  • 7-6: These deserve a spot on your queue, even if you don’t watch them immediately.
  • 5: It’s anime.
  • 4-1: I wouldn’t bother.

So there you go. If you have a similar list you would like to share, or notice some glaring omissions in my anime resume, feel free to post them in the comments below. I prefer shows that are on CrunchyRoll, but I have access to FUNimation and even for the older stuff.

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  1. I would add:
    Air Gear
    Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
    Great Teacher Onizuka
    High School of the Dead
    Those Who Hunt Elves
    Zero no Tsukaima


    • Good call on GTO – that was one of the shows/manga that I watched and enjoyed but forgot about. I even showed a screenshot of the manga a few years ago. High School of the Dead is in a similar boat, actually.

      I already watched Those Who Hunt Elves, including parts of the second one. MyAnimeList only shows the Japanese name unfortunately, which makes things a bit more difficult for the rest of us.

      Added the others to my various queues. Thanks!


  2. I tried to watch Serial Experiments Lain twice and failed out after around 2 episodes both times. I wouldn’t really call myself an anime fan though, which might have an effect.


    • It’s entirely possible the Lain doesn’t hold up, or my feelings on how mind-blowing it was back then were tempered by a lack of options at the time, e.g. a low bar. Indeed, the original “review” I wrote 10+ years ago is downright embarrassing and painful to read. If nothing else, that has to go.

      Hmm. I may just rewatch it then.


      • Well I don’t want to imply that my opinion is the right one or anything. I just thought it was odd that even though it seemed like lain was right up my alley, I never got into it. Maybe I had my alley misidentified.

        By contrast I thought clannad was great, partially because it was more down to earth and not about magic powers or giant robots. I also liked death note even though it lost some inertia after the first half.


      • I went back to watch it recently after a long break and yeh – while still interesting it doesn’t seem to hold up as well as I thought. There are anime that explore those themes far better now


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