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I am nearing my end with Clash Royale. And not by choice.

One thing to note about Clash Royale is that it, like many games, is very rewarding right away. You get free treasure chests every four hours, with a maximum stack of two. Every eight hours, you can request cards from your clan. You have four slots for treasure chests from winning games. Every X hours, you have a Crown Chest that you unlock by accumulating 10 crowns (from destroying towers). My play pattern basically means I’m opening 1-2 chests every time I boot up the game.

The problem is you run into a very real payslope eventually.

I have been “stuck” in the Royal Arena 7 for going on a month now (or more). My highest trophy count is 2575, which is still pretty far from hitting the last Arena level. But for the most part… I don’t care about that, since nothing new unlocks at Arena 8.

In the meantime, day after day, I open chests and get the same rares/common cards. Upgrading from level 8 commons/level 6 rares to the next higher level is something that takes weeks-worth of gold, for only very marginal gains comparatively.

But it’s not even about that either. My progression is stuck. Here is my setup:


The Baby Dragon slot fluctuates between Barbarians and/or Mini PEKKA.

It is essentially a Judo deck – a reactive deck that relies on countering my opponent’s push and then winning via superior plays. It lacks the sheer ridiculous power of some other deck openers, but it is decently resilient, as evidenced by my trophy levels. Could I use other cards? Maybe. My only level 3 epics though are Freeze, Crossbow, and Mirror. Meanwhile, everyone I face seems to have level 3+ relevant epics and legendary cards. I keep thinking that if I were to get Prince up to level 3 or Balloon or something, that would provide enough of an incentive for me to change my deck.

Then I realized that my little skeleton bomber is a strictly worse Princess or Ice Wizard. All cost 3 elixir, all fill similar roles, but the latter two are (of course) legendary cards that could change the course of games all by themselves. This is a poisonous sort of knowledge though, as each and every chest I open that doesn’t contain a replacement legendary is a waste of time. The expectation that such a legendary will be opened is fallacious, of course, as the odds were remote in the first place, much less that this particular chest will contain one.

And so, here I am.

Most people would say “at least you got 2+ months of entertainment from a mobile app.” That is true. But in experiencing these last MMO-esque gasps yet again… well, it makes me long for the mercy of a quick, definitive end of gameplay. You know, to finish a game before you’re done with it.

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  1. Players with those card levels are in Arena 8, without legendary cards, so it is possible. I think the weakness in your deck is the baby dragon, at lvl 2 its a bit low, and overall I find that card not the best. Giant, Wizard, or Barbs would all be better IMO.

    As for bomber vs wiz vs princess, I’d disagree that the legendaries are outright better. Bomber has far, far higher dps than either, so if the bomber is behind the valk in a tower push, its a problem, while both wiz and princess really aren’t. Bomber hard-counters barbs, ice wiz and princess don’t.

    Princess in particular is really overrated, considering any unit counters her the minute she stops to shoot your tower, and taking one small hit to kill her isn’t a big deal. To say nothing about arrows or other spells removing her in addition to doing damage to other things. Leveled up she becomes more of a problem, but at level 1 I never worry about her when I see her.

    Ice Wiz is much stronger IMO, mostly because he can’t be killed by arrows or even fireball/poison, but again his damage is very weak, to the point you can safely ignore an ice wiz hitting your tower if he is solo. He’s harder to deal with when combo’ed with golem, giant, or even sparky, and he is the one card I wish I had, but I don’t feel like its killing me not having him (plus as cards hit lvl 10/7/4, they outclass a lvl 1 legendary anyway)


    • It’s pretty difficult to change strategies, as I haven’t been leveling up my Giant or Wizard up to same level as everything else, and don’t have the gold to do so. I did switch it up a bit based on this comment to try and see, but ended up losing 10 games in a row. Which, whatever, it happens. Although I get extra salty every time I lose to Castle 9 people with level 10 troops, or ones in which a single Ice Wizard pretty much counters 100% of any push.

      Princess is easy to counter, but it’s better to look at her as Arrows that sometimes procs more than once. That’s really what I’m worried about, because I don’t have much of a response to Minion Swarm if I use Zap offensively. Sigh.


      • Wiz is a hard counter to minion horde, both defensively and on offense (assuming the wiz isn’t already on something), which is why I’d recommend it over dragon. Similar coverage, but the wiz is just all around better IMO (flying isn’t that helpful when so many units can hit you, especially a low-damage flying unit like drag).

        Curious, what have you been using gold and gems on? You don’t have a lot of either for a level 8 focusing on just his core deck.


      • I went hardcore with the Royal Giant after the buff (lvl 8 from basically nothing), and then lvl 8 Fire Spirits when those were released. Oh, and lvl 8 Minion Horde before I realized that everyone and their mother kept Arrows for expressly that purpose. So I have some wasted gold on those guys. Besides that, I have spent 2000g on an epic or so from the store, which accounts for the rest.

        It’s not the most efficient use of gold, but that’s kinda my point anyway. Finding a strategy that A) works, and B) feels fun to play doesn’t always solve the issue of feeling stuck with the same deck, week after week. I’m just looking for anything that meaningfully changes my composition, and a Legendary is the only thing that will do so at this point (even if it’s not necessarily OP by itself).


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