Beginning of Endgame

I have been at the level 110 cap in Legion for about a week now. A lot of hit, and a little miss.

World Quests (WQ) are an interesting variation of the traditional WoW endgame daily quest grind. You get an “Emissary quest” every day (accumulating to three total), which gives you some general direction: complete four WQs of that specific faction, get bonus rep and a chest full of goodies.

What’s odd about the system are two things. First, the interface for this is all weird. Maybe an addon will solve this (Edit: there are several), but I find it awkward having to zoom into each individual zone and hover over the WQ icons to see the rewards. Don’t really care all that much about Artifact Power or gold at the moment, and a whole lot more for the free gear.

And that’s actually my second concern with WQs: it does weird things to incentives. Basically, some of your WQs are going to reward gear straight-up, and the relative quality of this gear increases as your average ilevel increases. I’m not sure of the limitations of this system, e.g. if every armor slot is open season, but you better believe I’m willing to click on some objects and/or kill X mobs for the equivalent of heroic dungeon gear. Then you sometimes get Mythic gear WQs for defeating dungeons at any difficulty. Which, yeah, provides a pretty big incentive to run dungeons.

Incidentally, my DPS dungeon queues the last few days have actually been 3 minutes. One time it was actually instant, which caused a moment of panic as I thought I accidentally queued as a tank. I think WQs are the same across regions, and that might be the reason why a given dungeon would have no queues. Or possibly more people are willing to be tanks, given how easy questing is as one.

Gold-wise, I broke 100,000g last night. All as a Gatherer mind you, as the AH continues to be throttled. I suppose the expansion is still new – and raids have just came out – but the prices of some of these goods is rather surprising. Either Blizzard has gotten the farming bot situation finally resolved, or everyone is still flush with gold from Garrisoncraft, because 70g 100g+ Foxflower is crazy. That herb in particular is not only easy to farm, it can proc a literal fox that runs around and drops 20-30 herbs. If I cared more about wanting more gold, I’d be doing that every night. Fjarnskaggl is also crazy, and Starlight Rose? 280g apiece.

Given the profitability of Herbalism, I went ahead and dropped Mining on my druid. I started up Alchemy, under the assumption that if herbs were so profitable, adding some labor in there might increase that profit margin. As it turns out, I understand now: Alchemy got hosed. Basically everything is gated through a half-dozen or more dungeon quests. Not just high-tier recipes either – you don’t get the Alchemy trinket or transmutes until the end of a long, multi-dungeon quest-line. Flasks are after heroic boss kills. Rank 2 recipes also drop from dungeon bosses.

And then you have recipes themselves, which require ridiculous shit even for cosmetic items. Skystep Potion requires four (4) Starlight Roses. To move at 150% speed for 8 seconds. At current prices, that’s over 1000g a potion. Yeah, herbs will probably be cheaper a year from now. But Starlight Rose in particular is an herb that can actually proc failures.

In any case, I am overall comfortably coasting right along at the endgame. I spent another WoW token to resub, and the general gameplay of collecting the easy WQ gear and herbing my way to 10,000g by the end of the session is satisfying. At some point I am going to check out Demon Hunters, and then take a look at my rogue and/or other alts. My other alts will be a problem though, I suspect: most are trapped pre-Draenor, and I never unlocked flying there.

We will just have to see how engaged I stay with the druid.

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  1. Production professions in general are a mess now. I haven’t had to do any dungeon quests on my engineer (lots of open world quests, though), but the materials needed to craft stuff are insane, and half of them aren’t even related to engineering. Seems like they removed the tap of free mats from garrisons, but didn’t rebalance recipe costs accordingly.

    I think focusing on gathering is the way to go right now. I’m making a fortune selling herbs, and I’m not even putting any real effort into farming.


    • Yep. Alchemy recipes requiring 20 herbs simply doesn’t make any sense in the context of this expansion. Something has got to give. But probably not until 7.1.


  2. You’re making 10k per session just riding around collecting herbs? Holy shit, i’ve been doing it wrong. i’m mining but in my normal gameplay i don’t come across that many nodes it seems. Are you actively questing, or are you taking a specific farming route? And about how long are your sessions? Wondering if I should drop mining and pick up herbalism.


    • Not doing a particular circuit of anything, but rather simply herbing as I’m running around, e.g. hitting every node I see pop up. The herb gravy train is truly insane at the moment. On Sargeras-US, the going rate for Fjarnskaggl is 98g. Foxflower is 106g. This is per herb, mind you, so hitting a single node is almost 500g right there. Proc a fox? 2000g in seconds.

      Conversely, Felslate is 62g apiece. I used to have both Mining and Herbing, but I realized that A) Herbalism alone was good enough, and B) I was actually losing money by wasting time hitting ore nodes.


  3. I had started leveling my gathering alt (herb / mining) to fuel my main (jc / alchemy), but I’m finding that both JC and Alch are garbage, I mean: the price is enormous for semi-irrelevant stuff, so I’ll definitely switch into selling while I wait for Blizzard to fix their mess……
    Too bad, they had promised a better job on professions than in WoD, but they seem unable to turn professions into some kind of parallel crafting minigame which can provide useful stuff.


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