WoW Endgame As it Stands

A few people have asked me about my WoW endgame experiences, and as I recently turned in my 3rd WoW token, I should probably talk about it some more.

In short: it’s almost as good as Wrath.

Going forward, I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult to not have World Quests (WQs) and scaling mobs in future expansions. This is the “final form” of casual themepark gameplay IMO. Is it functionally different from traditional daily quests? Not really. Does it feel better than daily quests in every possible way? Absolutely.

Blizzard has tried to spice daily quests up before, and largely failed. Remember the Firelands dailies back in Cataclysm? Those had rotating/random dailies and somehow felt worse than what came before. In Legion though, it feels more… organic. I don’t even necessarily think it’s something special about the dailies, per se, but rather due to the fact that these “dailies” aren’t in the same location and not with the same mobs every time. Scaling tech allows Blizzard to utilize the entire continent, and they do. While you do end up seeing the same WQs pretty often, you never really know exactly where you will be flying that evening until you open the map.

Also, big props to Blizzard for having rotating WQs throughout the day. In other words, you don’t have a single list of 25 random WQs and that’s it until 3 AM. Some last a few days, some last a few hours. This not only satisfies the “optimization” need in me – only doing the most efficient ones – but also the individuals who might be bored and looking for things to do all day. There will almost always be a WQ for you providing some kind of reward.

The one problem with WQs might be that it can become a victim of its own success. For example, my druid is pretty much in full 850 gear, having stepped foot in heroic dungeons maybe four times (none of which resulted in upgrades). At this point, the only WQs I do are the ones to give Warden and Nightfallen reputation, as nothing else results in better gear. I mean, there is a chance a gear piece rolls Titanforged, but that’s a stretch. Mythic dungeons? No thanks. Maybe for the quests, but I’m not particularly interested in Mythic+ dungeon runs on timers.

This means, two months in, I am close to being done with all world/quest content in Legion. Indeed, I am in spitting distance of the Pathfinder Achievement, which is my current goal – just need about 2000 Wardens and 7000 Nightfallen rep before getting it. Luckily, 7.1 is coming out next week, but unless there are a bunch new WQs and/or increased ilevel rewards, I will be passing. Then it is PvP or alts until next year.

Speaking of alts, I finally have a level 3 Shipyard on my namesake paladin, and am just waiting for the BoA ring mission to proc. Considering that I have 20+ maxed out Garrison soldiers and have yet to have seen a single Elixir of the Rapid Mind mission, I am beginning to question whether these things are even still in the game.

I actually switched to Protection for the Tanaan dailies (for Oil), and it feels better than Ret, but the paladin is pretty much a pass for me again this expansion. I tried out the Frost DK and got to chill with the Lich King, but that is going to be another pass. Basically, I wasn’t too impressed with the DK’s self-healing capabilities. Yeah, I’m sure Blood can be immortal just like most questing tanks this expansion, but even getting to level 102 is a chore. My Outlaw rogue is in a similar position, insofar as it just doesn’t feel as fun to kill shit with. Assassination seems pretty powerful these days, so I’ll likely try switching specs if I can make it to 102.

Beyond that, I actually have a Demon Hunter and playing it… is interesting. Double jumping and gliding is pretty much the main draw, as the rotation is meh. Coming from all these other classes, having one spammable attack and one resource dump is pretty basic. There are cooldowns, don’t get me wrong, but the fundamentals don’t really change. Well, unless you take the current Momentum build, where you are forced to zip around the boss/mobs every 4 seconds like some ADHD 7-year old playing soccer for the first time. I can’t imagine how annoying that might be on raid bosses.

As I wrap up Legion Pathfinder, I’ll be spending some more time on the alts, to determine which (if any) might eventually be transferring to my new “main” server. I’m still kinda holding out until some kind of 50% off Services sale or until I quit WoW in disgust again, but maybe there will be a simpler realization that I don’t actually like playing any of these alts anymore.

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  1. WQs are everything that made GW2 interesting.

    The only thing I would wish is that there should be more small ones which you detect “by accident”. I am still only leaving Dalaran to do something and return after I did exactly what I planned. Random events could be used to “distract you” and therefore spice up the play session.

    Having the “Daily Queensdale Event Completer” is incredible annoying and WoW doesn’t have that problem because you can easily find e.g. 4 Warden quests on your map. But running into a random event in GW2, seeing people pour in from everywhere, complete the event and eveyone disappears again… that’s something I still miss in WoW.

    And those awesome event chains like in “Harathi Hinterlands”. We had a cheap version of them with the Invasion events. I hope they will improve on WQs and add some zone wide event chains – in addition to WQs.

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  2. I recently started replaying Bioshock Infinite and I was quickly reminded how much I actually disliked it and thus recalled your posts about it because it took a lot of effort to find decent and negative writings about it. Those are too old to comment on now, understandably, but I still wanted you to know I appreciate those articles. Even though it’s so old now, I still got incensed by the quote from Levine you had in your DLC article. Anyway, thanks!


  3. I’ve been thinking also about what makes WQ better than dailies, because, at the bottom, they are identical. I think it boils down to something I’d already noticed in Pandaria: that expansion was daily-heavy and touted as “many varied dailies”. But in reality it wasn’t, with the exception of one faction, the Farmers, which is indeed the first one I brought to exalted reputation. The reason is that the faction did indeed have varied dailies, which were not chained, so you could cherry pick the one which were not annoying. WQ are the same, they rotate in/out fast, so if you see an annoying one with a ton of mobs you just skip it and go to the next one. Or just skip them completely and wait for some better one to pop.

    BTW my endgame is mythic+, they are much much more interesting than challenge mode and lots of fun. I’m only at +9 for now, since we run them only a couple times per week, but the changing affixes make for some interesting dungeon experience.


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