After finishing the last of the single-player missions in Battlefield 1 this weekend, I sat back and reflected. The missions themselves were varied – each “chapter” followed different people – but they had a commonality that was annoying: stealth. Battlefield 1 is not a stealth game. You can still run and gun for most of them, but it was weird pretending that the game was something it was not.

Facing the Multiplayer screen once again, I then came to a disappointing conclusion: Battlefield 1 is not a Battlefield game.

By that I mean it is not the sort of game I can see myself playing months from now. Or even minutes. It is just… exhausting. I am still trying to examine what specifically is causing this feeling. I don’t think it is the tone or the setting or the weapons necessarily.

Perhaps it is the simple fact that trench warfare is so required by virtue of insanely powerful sniper rifles. Apparently sniper rifles have a sweet spot that will instantly kill you with a body-shot at certain ranges. Pretty sure that has not been a thing in recent Battlefields outside of headshots. Between that, and the crazy power of armored vehicles (few counters), and the general sense of futility in attacking alone, I just get the sense that nothing matters.

Which, again, matches the time period. It just isn’t all that fun to experience.

So I closed Battlefield 1 down and spent around 3 hours playing Titanfall 2. And had fun.

I don’t anticipate Titanfall 2 to be a long-term game for me, certainly not on the same scale as BF2/3/4. But it absolutely is a fine “shoot someone in the face” game with occasional mech action. There happened to be a double-XP event going on this weekend, so I managed to unlock a slew of new weapons/gear, which went a long way in making the matches more interesting. I still think the devs screwed up Pilot vs Titan combat, but at least other parts have improved. And I am hoping that once I unlock Satchel Charges, that particular matchup will be more interesting.

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  1. Battlefield 2142 was the pinnacle of my FPS gaming. I did not play any title more frequently or with more enjoyment. I didn’t do BF3 for the non prone aspect, skipped BF4, and haven’t looked at reboot. All other online shooters just didn’t click with me like BF2142 did. And I did try a bunch of them.

    I did fall in love with Project Reality, and look forward to their new title release, but that game is a huge commitment with a long ramp up and learning period. Perfect when you have hours to burn, which isnt what my gaming is like these days. Jump in and out with pauses needed =)


    • I missed the BF2142 boat, unfortunately, but Battlefield 2 was seminal moment in gaming for me. Up until that point, I was a die-hard console gamer. When a friend introduced me to BF2, I bought a gaming PC and the rest is history. I played that daily for almost four years. So, so good.


  2. Never been into BF games – just not a big fan of vehicles in my FPS. They make maps too large and create less strategic variance (IMO).

    Haven’t seen you blog about Overwatch in a long while. Are you playing that at all? I’ve swayed more into MMORPG land lately, but Overwatch is still my go to FPS and go to competitive game.


    • Generally speaking, I’m not playing Overwatch anymore. My issue is that it is so much more of an overt team game. In Titanfall 2, for example, there is not much expectation that you will be sticking around teammates much at all. Maybe once the Titans start falling down, but that’s about it. In Battlefield 1, you are kind of funneled together with your teammates, so it doesn’t really matter. In Overwatch though, if you are sucking or distracted, you are actively harming everyone around you.

      Sometimes I just want to shoot people in the face, you know? Drop in, drop out, whatever.


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