I’m not sure if I’m necessarily hooked on Total War: Warhammer, but I do happen to have spent 100% of my gaming time playing it this week. And going to bed much, much later than I have any rational reason to.

Basically, I’m treating the game as a Warhammer Civilization. Civhammer, if you will. Every army clash is resolved via auto-complete, for good or ill. The reason for that is because I still have no idea how these battles are supposed to go. Scratch that, I know how they are supposed to play out, but I am having an incredibly difficult time actually getting my troops to behave that way. Selecting multiple units already in a formation and clicking 100 feet forward causes them to disperse in a huge line. Why? I have no clue.

There is also an incredible amount of cheese I have organically discovered and am exploiting judiciously. By default, there is a “reinforcement” mechanic that allows you to combine one or more armies for a particular battle as long as they are nearby on the campaign map. Makes sense, I guess. The issue is that the reinforcement army might not have had any movement ability left, e.g. not had the ability to actually attack the army themselves, but now they can contribute their military might in 3+ nearby battles. The AI in this game uses this quite often.

That said, there is an ability that your army commanders can learn around level 6 called Lightning Strike. This ability allows you to attack armies without the benefit of reinforcements for either side. As noted before, the AI leans on the Reinforcement mechanic pretty heavily, and so Lightning Strike can (and did) completely change the battle calculus.

Just recently, for example, I was fighting the last strongholds of the Vampire Lords, but was unable to siege anything because of their two full-unit armies kept combining with the garrison to smoke me out. Unfortunately for them, only one army can occupy a city at a time, so I used Lightning Strike on the army left outside the walls and slaughtered them. Then I attacked the survivors again – Lightning Strike has unlimited uses – completely wiping them out.

At this point, I’m in the endgame of my first playthrough of Total War: Warhammer, with all victory conditions engaged aside from stopping the Chaos army advance from the North. While there is a part of me that is interested in starting another round up once this is done – to check out the other races and their armies – the other part of me wants to move on. We’ll see how things go.

P.S. If anyone knows of some good Total War: Warhammer (or prior titles, for that matter) videos showing how exactly to manually control armies to unlikely victories, it would be appreciated.

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  1. I had the same problem a while back. I’ve been thinking of getting back to playing Total Warhammer, but I’ve forgotten what semblance of controls I learned the last time and will have to relearn it from scratch again… and that’s making me wuss out for the moment.

    You basically want to scroll down to the somewhat ranty second last portion of my post:

    or refer to the help in-game, under the battle controls sections, in little text sentences under an “Advanced” tab category.

    I’m putting the two links from my post to prior games’ guides into the next comment, hope it doesn’t get swallowed by the spam filter:


  2. Oh, and I missed this video the last time. Maybe it hadn’t propagated to the search engines yet at the time. This is the most succint, if information dense, of the lot:


  3. The factions in TW:Warhammer play very differently compared to previous titles, so I’d say its at least worth looking into (and going up in difficulty). At the very least, play a faction of the opposite ‘town style’. Since you mentioned undead cities, then play dwarves/orcs, since you couldn’t conquer their areas.


  4. Back in the days of Shogun: Total War (the 2000 one), my computer couldn’t handle tactical battles with more than 4-5 units. As a result, I had to use autoresolve for the first two-thirds of the game. (The final one-third involved using a Geisha death squad to fully exterminate all rival dynasties one by one before their doomstacks could reach me).


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