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WoW: I have been pretty consistent in logging into WoW each day, although I believe my subscription has already lapsed. I’m about halfway into Honored with the Legionfall Reputation, the last pieces of gating between me and flying. Despite this, it’s debatable that I renew my sub.

The problem is precisely the same problem with Legion all along: alts are punished.

Yes, alts are not as punished as they were before. The Broken Shore offers easy loot, your main can mail an Artifact Knowledge book to bump that alt up to level 20 (or 25 now for me), unlocking flying on one character unlocks it account-wide, and so on. The issue is getting there.

It’s time to face the facts: the new Druid main was a mistake. Boomkin is awful in solo PvP, and awful-feeling in solo World questing when other people are around. Sure, Sunfire will tag all the mobs, yay. Now watch as every cast is interrupted by the mob in question dying to other people who get to press buttons.

PvP is basically impossible. Mages burst me down in literal seconds, and there isn’t anything you can do against melee classes. If someone is distracted or can’t reach you, sure, Boomkins can blow you up with some long-casted spells. But so could a Hunter with auto-shot.

So here I am, stuck with a class I no longer want to play, but cannot really drop either. I mean, I can, but that just means that I will have to redo a whole lot of effort, e.g. grinding reputation all over again. Being stuck inbetween impossible choices doesn’t make for a particularly enjoyable experience.

Divinity: Original Sin: This is an RPG that has lasted a whole lot longer than I ever expected it to. I think my current time counter is at 70 hours. Combat remains extremely entertaining, if not maddening at times. Crowd Control is absurd, with half a dozen different ways to lose your entire turn, multiple times in a row. This goes both ways of course, but there are always more enemies than PCs and you only have to be hit once or twice by CC to change the entire tide of the battle.

As fun as it is… I’m trying to wrap things up as soon as possible. Because…

Mass Effect: Andromeda: …I haven’t even booted it up once. Not because I’m particularly apprehensive (at least there has been a patch to smooth out facial animations), but because I anticipate dropping all other games until I finish playing it.

Final Fantasy 14: Redownloaded the client both because of the free login promotion, and because my friend finally made the necessary PC upgrades to play the game. I figure that FF14 is about due for another attempt, and the lull between now and the 2nd expansion is perhaps as good as any. Might clash with ME:A though.

Clash Royale: I continue to play and be frustrated by this game on a daily basis. I did managed to hit Challenger 2 (e.g. 4300+) again this month, but the 4000ish range is simply annoying beyond belief in terms of just farming chests. Meta decks abound in this range, and it’s almost expected to face over-leveled cards in every match. I’m talking about level 13 Royal Giants, Level 3 Lava Hounds, Level 6 Balloons, and so on.

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  1. A level 6 loon is technically a level 11 common in terms of power, same for the lvl 3 legendary.

    I made it to challenger 3, and around 4800 I was steadily facing level 12s with almost all lvl 13 cards, but with cards at 12, its not as big an issue as having cards at 11 facing the occasional 13.


    • I suppose what irks me is that I consider those card levels to be indicative of people buying power. Going from level 5 epics to level 6 is 50 cards. Did they just naturally get 50 epics from chests? The “Epic Sunday” clan donation thing hasn’t been around for that long. And even if they picked them up from the Shop, that’s a LOT of gold. Same with the Legendaries. Level 2 Legendary? I have a few; just got to get the same Legendary twice in the last year. But four more of the same Legendary?

      Level 13 commons are whatever. That’s about two months of twice-daily requests, and possibly much less if you hit your targeted common in one of those Magical Chests. Not sure where they’re getting the gold for the upgrades, but if you stuck to a single deck for half a year, chances are good you have some saved up.

      Yesterday, I was dicking around at 4000ish and faced someone with a level 7 Golem. My guess is that the ladder is going to get worse and worse for newer players as time goes on.


      • I haven’t spent much, not nearly enough to power level anything, and I have a few epics at 6 (my golem is 50/100 to 7), a few legendaries at 3, and rares that I use at or almost at 10. That’s with very active playing, but not more than just always having a chest timer going and not missing the free chests, requests, or events. As for gold, if you don’t switch out your deck much, as I haven’t, gold seems to keep up with card levels, even though I’ve got all cards to tourney levels as well.

        If you see a level 7 epics? Most likely someone who spent, but not 100%. Level 4 legendary? I don’t see how that’s possible without heavy cash, but I can’t remember if I’ve seen a 4 on the ladder yet.


  2. If you get back to FFXIV, what server were you in again?


    • My initial character was on Hyperion, but I might either be starting over or moving to Cacatuar to play with my friend. Will definitely have to iron that out beforehand.


      • Nice, Cactuar is in the same data center as my server, so cross-server parties are available. Let me know if you decide to start there?


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